Limited time offer…

Ok, so I’ve been hedging a bit.  STO has had two offers pending for subscriptions prior to the live launch.  The lifetime offer and the 12 month-what-adeal, offer.  Wil at TAGN has decided to throw down.

I was about to this weekend, but decided to hedge.   See, Mrs. P had not played quite so much as me and although I had played quite a bit more, I was thinking economically minded.  I didn’t see two lifetime subs making much sense in this economy, where the game was at this point and, quite frankly, where I anticipated it to be in the future.  It might be lifetime for me, but Mrs. P, well, maybe not so much.  Hard to tell, but I’m more conservative with my bets now.  I was leaning toward two 12 month subs.  Hell, I had until launch to decide, so why not wait and see if they get things stable… I thought, well, I can wait until Monday night and see what gives.

I logged on and saw the usual offer on the launcher and played a bit.  Buck, aka the Ancient Gaming Noob, logged in and we explored the Delta Volanis Cluster a bit and then knocked off a few other missions.  Ok, time to throw down.  I said I’d brb and logged so I could click through the special offer on the launcher.

Oh goody, the offer is still up…but when I clicked through…

No offer for you!
God grant me the serenity... & cetera

Ok, so maybe I shouldn’t have waited until the (apparently) 13th hour, but given the ahem limited ahem uptime this weekend, one might think that Cryptic would be BEGGING for people to give them more money.  In the world where I work everyday where deadlines actually matter in a significant way, when something expires on, say February 1, that means 11:59:59 p.m. on February 1 whereever the offer is made, in this case the U.S. west coast where Cryptic is headquartered.  Fail.  Just fail.

I do really enjoy STO atm, but man, Cryptic, do yourselves a favor and TAKE THE MONEY when people are trying to GIVE YOU THE MONEY… I’m not heartbroken because I’ll probably sub for a good while and likely the offer will return in some form in the future, but gosh guys, stop being your own worst enemies…

Skronk out.

3 thoughts on “Limited time offer…”

  1. I am really disappointed that they pulled the offer at the last hour – yes, yes, should have bought it sooner, blah blah – but I myself only got in our 12-month subscriptions minutes before the offer was gone, and that was with checking back at the site momentarily because it was erroring out at first. Very bad form!

  2. They have said before that the “limited time” offers will be offered again after the official launch, abeit at a slightly higher price.

    So if you really want the lifetime you could get it, but personally I think the asking price will be too high as even the current offer was just above what most would want to spend for a niche title like this.

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