E-Z Credit

Still two days until live release and only six gold energy credit spam emails in my Star Trek Online mailbox…

No credit? Bad credit? Come on down!

Hell, I only found my mailbox today after closed beta and open beta… Considering the downtime during headstart weekend, how could anyone even GET 100k energy credits to sell?

I guess the credit crunch is over…

(Note the new standard feature “Report Spam” for all new MMOs).


7 thoughts on “E-Z Credit”

  1. I just started playing the Mabinogi EU beta this weekend and there are already four gold-selling companies in the starter village spamming their prices.

    I take this as an indication of the game’s likely success. I notice I can play Vanguard these days without any danger of being gold-spammed…

  2. I love that comment. We should create a new metric measuring up success of a game by the number of gold farmers!

  3. The inbox for the game and the forums is shared, and I really wish that there was some way to report the spammers out of game.

  4. Indeed, you shall know them by their enemies…

    I honestly have never heard of currency spammers in an open beta… that’s just… sad.

    Well, so far I have no idea of how currency dependent the game will be. Particularly when you consider the impact of whatever will be in the Cryptic store too.

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