High Water Mark

Two hundred MILLION ISK– a personal high water mark.  While I’ve been on hiatus, one of the activities I have been able to keep up with is Eve, the game that you can play when you can’t play.

While kernite mining has been kind, the market has been hit and miss.  Lowly tritanium, on the other hand, has been on the rise for more than a month and doesn’t seem like its going to let up any time soon.  Fortunately, I’ve found a few non-descript out of the way systems with many many belts of Veldspar (concentrated and dense) only a jump or two away from my home base.  I’ve been able to all but afk mine unmolested with my duo, haul to a nearby station, refine and repeat.  I haven’t done the exact calculation, but once refined, I think I can get close 3 jet can’s worth of Veldspar/Tritanium into the Iteron V for the haul back to base (and that’s unrigged).

The money isn’t bad either.  For the high sec ores/minerals, only unrefined kernite (when its moving) can beat veldspar mining on an ISK/m3 basis right now.

So, I’ve been mining and doing the occasional mission run when I have the chance all the while keeping skills in the queue.  In a few short days, my hauler will also be mining barge-ready, so I’ll likely burn through some of that ISK on a Hulk.  Combining that with the Covetor I already have should make clearing out mission spaces go much more quickly.

To that end, my mission runner is also about ready for a Raven.  More ISK, more skills, but that’s Eve.

3 thoughts on “High Water Mark”

  1. If you could somehow compress the time in which mining/skilling up/getting decent ships/PvP occurs, EvE would be a winner. But as it stands reading this post deflates any of the excitement that last weeks activity had fired up in me about trying this game out.

  2. @copper: You should give it a go. While the fixed time component can be, ahem, challenging at times, its actually not that bad. I’m not so sure that I’d accelerate the process much in retrospect. Skilling time affords you the opportunity to actually explore many aspects of the gameplay, or not.

    You can get into what ever you want to call the goodstuff within a few days if not right away. PvP is accessible from Day One and every ship has a continuing role. And if you hate the idea of mining, you can mission run to your heart’s content to make isk while skilling up.

    Give it a try and see if its for you.

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