10 Feb

Things are moving in Eve.  By the time I actually hit the two hundred million isk mark, I had almost coasted to 300.  So it happened that I checked my in game mail only to find my insurance coverage had expired on my Covetor mining barge.

My plan all along has been to get my mission runner/hauler pilot to the point where he could fly a mining barge.  Maybe not a Hulk, but certainly a Covetor would come in handy for clearing mission spaces with my fulltime miner.  The mission runner/hauler was only a few days from being able to pilot the Covetor and I didn’t cherish the idea of losing the insurance premium when I handed it over in just a few days.

So, I finally decided to throw down for a Hulk for my miner.  With the tritanium market still strong, I’m guessing that I’ll recoup within about a week.  Halada’s indispensible mining guide has everything you need to know about the Hulk.  Fortunately, I already have most of what I need to fit it.  While I’m not quite to the 20% yield increase over the Covetor as advertised, I’m getting there.  Even so, its already a significant improvement.

Compared to the Covetor, the Hulk feels faster and more agile– at least as far as mining barges are either.  Having a decent tank means that I worry much less.  The Hulk is anything but fragile.  Finally, it has enough cargo space that it can store a few cycles worth of ore before I have to empty it.  All of this makes for an even more efficient operation.

When I’m mining a few systems from my home area, its nice not having to worry about can flippers so much while my hauler is making a run to base.  All in all, I’m quite pleased so far and looking forward to doing dual barge ops soon.

The one thing I’m finding is that I’m a bit tight on power and CPU when fitting out the Hulk.  I’m currently training for MLU IIs, but even with one MLU I and a bit of a tank, I’m finding I’m a bit shy.  The basic setup is:

High Slots:
3x Modulated Strip Miners (with T2 crystals)

Medium Slots:
1x Survey Scanner
1x Small Shield Extender I
1x Explosion Dampening Amplifier I
1x Magnetic Scattering Amplifier I

Low slots:
1 Mining Laser Upgrade I
1 Power Diagnostic System II

Which leaves me at 42/44.1 power and tight on CPU.  If I swap in 2x MLU IIs and take the scanner and take one of the hardeners offline, everything should work and I should be able to pull down about 1,508 units of Veldspar per MSM per minute or 13,572 units per cycle (3 MSMs) or 271,440 units per hour.   Pure Hulky goodness.


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3 responses to “Hulkamania

  1. Wilhelm2451

    February 10, 2009 at 6:13 pm

    Whoo hoo! Now you’ll be tearing down asteroids. Good thing you have that big hauler!

  2. Marchosias

    February 13, 2009 at 12:27 pm

    Grats on the Hulk!


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