WoW PvP Memory Lane

Remember when PvP in WoW was like this?

Just outside of Southshore/Tarren Mill around March 15, 2005. No battlegrounds, no arenas and this was a PvE server.

Man, I miss the old Hunter’s Mark.  The new one blows IMHO.

4 thoughts on “WoW PvP Memory Lane”

  1. Hahaha. The first major world PvP I ever saw in WoW was a huge raid on Southshore from Tarren Mill. And it was one of those moments where I just sat back and thought, “Wow, this is what MMORPGs are about.” My gnome rogue at the time was probably in his early to mid-thirties and I just remember an onslaught of Tauren killing EVERYTHING–vendors, guards, and flagged players (the flightmaster survived because, as you remember, they weren’t so easy to take down when the level cap was 60). For me, it was one of those capstone times in my gaming life where the MMO in MMORPGs exhibited itself in such an unexpected, chaotic way that I was just dazzled.

  2. The great thing about this for a confirmed carebear like myself was that these goofy PvP battles would breakout somewhere and random just-happening-by-questing schmoes like myself would get sucked in and have a great time. Open, unstructured, unrestricted.

    I didn’t have to join a raid, I didn’t have to group up, I didn’t have to queue for a battleground which was a field match… All I had to do was decide to smack some horde and since I was flagged for at least 5 minutes, what they heck?

    Southshore/Tarren Mill was a great example, Crossroads, not so much since there wasn’t an alliance flight path there at the time. Hell, peeps would get on one of the chat channels in the cities (no global chat then, remember?) and folks would flood into the contested area.

    Even with no real persistent consequences…

    I haven’t been taken by the Warhammer hype but if they could capture this kind of experience and make it meaningful AND fun, then they might have me.

    This is exactly what PvP in PotBS is not.

  3. My first experience was when a friend took me over to Raven hill cemetery, and we hunted alliance. My character was a Shammy and around level 24ish. He took me there to teach me to PvP and to show me a few tricks.

    They brought along some heavy back up at the time, a level 46 shammy. All I remember was dying a lot and having a great time.

  4. My first PvP was back in the early days too with my first character, a rogue. The horde invaded Ashenvale. My rogue was all of… level 17? I had no concept of exactly how tough a 40+ character was, to me it was more of a role-playing thing, I’ll flag up and defend my town! Insta-kill! Ouch! Was fun though in it’s own sick, short-lived sense.

    I remember the Southshore / Tarren Mill days, those were fun but I was too busy leveling to participate much.

    Then PvP pretty much disappeared except for the retarded kids who challenge everyone to duels on the docks… /sigh

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