My Virtual Life: Zwifting

Worlds collide…

Worlds Collide

Wilhelm and I joke in our gaming group that we’ve been preparing all our lives for the COVID lockdown. No, we’re not preppers or neoapocalyptarians (I just made that up). No, like a lot of our friends, we’ve always found ourselves a bit removed from what apparently many people call life, the real world and everything.

A lifelong member of the Differently Social(tm) club, I’ve spent quite a bit of time in strange little bubble worlds like various forms of gaming, uncool, unpopular sports, hobbies and interests, and generally hanging around (IRL and virtually) with other weirdos, dorks and the socially ill at ease.

When the COVID lockdown hit, of course it caused massive disruption to everyone’s lives (mine included). The irony of course is that as Real Life went virtual, those of us who’ve been mostly one foot in, one foot out of virtuality didn’t really miss a beat on a lot of these newfangled ways to interact. We just called it “Tuesday”.

The pandemic has certainly reordered Things That Matter for many people, myself included. Without meaning to be glib, the phrase I use is “COVID giveth, COVID taketh” and it certainly has.

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