Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa A Complete Failure

NC Soft announced that it will shutter the game at the end of February.

Ok, that’s a bit harsh.  But what’s really worse?  This headline or the hubris that it takes to include your name in the game’s title? Or that fact that all that money basically went for nought?

Quite frankly, the entire notion of the RG-centricity of the marketing put me off the game almost from the date it was announced.  Seriously, why didn’t they just call it “RICHARD GARRIOTT’S ENORMOUS E-PEEN (now with free MMO)(TM)”.

I’m sorry, but I just can’t stand arrogant, self aggrandizing assholes.  And the only thing worse than arrogant self aggrandizing assholes are arrogant self aggrandizing assholes that don’t deliver the goods.

I mean seriously.  The only guy who might be able to get away with that shit is Sid Meier and that’s still debatable.  Every designer is going to deliver a turd at some point.  Why risk devaluing your own brand?

“Joel and Ethan Coen’s Hudsucker Proxy”

“Bill Gates’ Windows Me Vista”

“Richard Fuld’s Lehman Brothers”

“Steve Jobs’ Merlin”

“Field Marshall Tito’s Yugo”


Payback, as they say, is a bitch.  We can only hope that in the annals of MMO-failure, this game will always be referred to the future the way its been marketed– “NC Soft’s failed MMO, Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa” or “the spectacular failure that was Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa”, etc.

I have no particular axe grind.  I beta’d the game.  There just wasn’t that much there for me.  It wasn’t ground breaking.  It wasn’t that fun.

Frankly it was hard to see where all the money went.  Until I remember who went to space versus who’s now out of work.  At least now, in addition to his ego having its own zip code, so does his failure.

Strangest Resubscription Event Ever?

So I get this email linking to the July newsletter for Richard(tm) Garriott’s(tm) Tabula(tm) Rasa(tm) from NCSoft (also tm).


So after R(tm)G(tm) was put out to pasture by NCSoft, he decides to visit the International Space Station.  Check.

But now they’ve cooked up this whole Operation Immortality thing…. I’m confused, and yes, perhaps a bit disturbed by it all.

Aside from the dubious merit of leaving the “digitized DNA” (whatever the hell that is) of gamers in orbit, I’ve got to wonder whether this is simply a slick way of the Garriott’s getting NCSoft to pick up the tab on shooting R(tm)G(tm) off in a Soyuz rocket…

I can only imagine the so-called “immortality drive” that will be used as an “off site archive” of humanity’s achievements is little more than an NCSoft thumbdrive left in the ISS’s glove box for eternity.  Of course, the ISS will come tumbling down some day as well, so maybe the should just flush it in a not-so-similar send off to that of Spock’s in Wrath of Khan…

Is it just me or is this really weird?