Separated At Birth, Chapter Two: LotRO

The second in a continuing series of comparisons with a bit of a twist: two alternatives. I give you Barliman Butterbur, Tavern Keep of the LotRO’s Prancing Pony, Phil Collins from his early Genesis days and Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull, whom some may recall received the first and only Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Performance or Vocal in 1989 beating out those wimps from Metallica. Flautists FTW!

barlimanbutterbur1.jpg phandpc2.jpg ian_anderson_bw11.jpg

Separated At Birth, Chapter One: Eve Online

I’ve been contemplating a series of these comparisons among MMO characters and/or NPCs with real life people for some time, but I’ve only recently gotten around to acting on this sick sick impulse. A small irony is that in Eve, I actually see the face of my character more than in most MMOs since its always visible in the chat window and I’m not relegated to looking mostly at the back of my character’s head.

So for installment number 1, I give you my character Dentikar Kapterian from Eve Online and Michael Berryman, most famous as the actor from Wes Craven’s cult classic, The Hills Have Eyes. Without further adieu, I give you, Separated at Birth, Chapter 1:

dk.jpg michaelberryman.jpg