A Rude Awakening

I woke up in the East River…

A few random Valheim thoughts for a Monday morning…

Logging out while on a boat

Or more specifically, logging back in after logging out in a boat… I was out exploring in my Karve when I had to logout to attend to things IRL. I was just off the coast of a Meadows biome, so it was pretty low risk, but I thought, why bother landing, I’ll just log off close to shore so I can resume when I log back on.

Much to my surprise, when I returned, the game dropped me in the drink next to my boat. Those ladders are there for a reason. I’ve got to suspect that its something to do with the game engine’s way of handling moveable objects like carts and boats.

I recall having many odd experiences in Medieval Engineers. In that game, you often took your life in your hands when building. You never knew when the evil spirit of Clang would visit to tear apart your construction. For example, when building a cart, you typically started making a structure that was fixed to the landscape, attach wheels, etc. and they sever the connection to the landscape at which point the cart became a mobile object (hopefully) and didn’t fly apart and kill you.

So far, nothing so disturbing in Valheim other than the slight weirdness I experience in my cart-on-a-boat project. Similarly, when I logged and relogged, the locked up cart seemed to have just been dropped in to the water at its last location which is fine by me.

Somehow Valheim knows…

Others have commented on this as well. Valheim knows which direction you intend to sail and promptly aligns the wind in the opposite direction. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve undertaken a long boat journey having to paddle for most of the way, then on the return leg, having to do the same thing in the opposite direction.

Valheim also knows when you are thinking about logging out and visits some parade of horribles upon you so you are left with the the option of logging out anyway without addressing the situation or spending more time in game to resolve it. This has resulted in countless late bedtimes for me.

Case in point, after a successful adventure with our little group Sunday, I found myself at what we are calling our Elder base– so named because it was set up to be near the Elder altar. The Black Forest area around there is rich in copper and tin, so while a bit austere, the base has smelting facilities and a high level forge.

Evening chores done, I decided to log on to experiment with a few crafting ideas– more on that to come. Having just about exhausted my time and creativity, I was about to log off only to have a troll– its always a troll– show up and immediately begin attacking the base. I never left the walls of the enclosure, he just spawned and came right for the base and started destroying the palisade wall and things just inside.

I, of course, was completely without arrows or the means to make any decent ones. Between smashes, I managed to crank out 40 or 60 measly wooden arrows. At that point, the troll was in the compound (which is quite compact) and he caught me and one shotted me.

My respawn was mere feet from where I was killed which is both a good and bad thing. Good in that there was no run back, bad of course, because my corpse was still in range of the troll ravaging our base.

I was able to recover my gear, reequip and then play ring around the rosy with him around our base building plinking him with an arrow, then running to the other side of the building forcing him to change directions. Lather, rinse, repeat, troll dispatched.

What he left behind was a complete mess. The palisade wall was down in spots, so that had to be fixed. He had smashed one side of the base building including beds and chests leaving a glittering mess to pickup. Frustrating when your bags are full since you suck up all the bits when you get near and have to rebuild someplace to store them etc.

Nothing to be done but to get to work restoring the palisade, putting walls and a roof back on the base and then getting chests, beds and a fire situated again. Two plus hours into my 30 minute excursion and it was past my bedtime again…

Valheim always knows.