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Electoral Nostalgia Redux

Put all beverages down and move them away from your monitor.

Enjoy (in its entirety, or most relevantly, from 6:20 onward for the setup, or jump to the money shot at 7:22).


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PotD: Secret Door

Gotta be around here somewhere...

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PotD: Ost Forod Without Boars

Indeed. No ribs to spare...

Always nice to take a break from the boar, bear, and wolf problem in Middle Earth…

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Graduation Day

For then-Lieutentant, now Lieutenant Commander Skronk that is.  Actually it was last week, but I’ve been sufficiently busy in RL that I haven’t had the time to commemorate the event.

I had advanced along nicely with a combination of the story line missions, the patrol missions and a few of the exploration missions where I was finally in striking distance of the elusive “level 11” aka Lieutenant Commander that I had resolved to push through late one Sunday night.

In addition to the rank change and opening the second tier of skills, it also meant that I could qualify to fly the second tier ships.  In my case, I was eyeing a Science Vessel.

After completing a few longer missions– some of them seem quite long, a post for later– I hailed Star Fleet to complete the mission and my expected promotion.  Surprisingly, I was awarded the rewards from my mission which advanced me to Lieutenant rank 11.

Huh?  For those of you scoring at home, STO leveling is divided into 5 “ranks” with 10 “grades” within each rank, i.e. there are 50 levels.  Having completed Lieutentant, grade 10, I fully expected to end up as Lieutenant Commander, grade 1, hence my confusion.

Well, as it turns out, one must actually spend their skill points to a sufficient level to gain passage into the next rank.  In my case, believe I had to have spent 6700 or 6800 skill points in order to qualify for Lt. Comm.  After I dinged Lt. 11, I hadn’t spent my new skill points, hence no advancement.  A bit confusing, but eventually I deployed my points and was awarded my new rank.

Of course, I couldn’t get back to earth spacedock quickly enough to get my new ship.  A brief chat with Admiral Quinn who directed me to Lt. Laurel at the shipyard and I was quickly customizing my new science vessel, the USS Frinault.

Not content with my own accolades, I shared the wealth and promoted my loyal bridge officers to Lt. as well.  Everybody moves up.  Of course, with the new ship, I needed a second science officer to man the second science station.  A quick trip to Personnel and I had a shiny new Bolian ensign on board.

While I had received my new rank and vessel, I was surprised to notice that I had also obtained an optional “Attend Lieutenant Commander Ceremony (Optional)” mission.  I sauntered over to the state room on the earth space dock which was alread abuzz with anticipation as I entered the room.

Ten Hut! Officer on deck!

All the usual attendant sycophants and hangers on there snapped to attention and saluted my new royal badness.  A few choice words at the podium and voila, the ceremony complete.  All in all, a very nice touch.

Anyone ever say you look nothing like Lou Gossett, Jr.?

With new vessel in hand and kitted out, all that was left was to take her out on a shakedown cruise, but first a quick visit to my new useless spacious bridge.

Imagine how hard it is to sit in TWO chairs...

Helm, set a course for adventure, set your mind on a new romance. Make it so.

We play hacky sack in here during Warp.

Certainly more roomy and a distinctly “Next Generation” feel about it.  A few routine checks and it was off to the Argelius system to conduct a routine “safety” inspection of a Ferengi bar…

Captain's log supplemental: Sensors indicate we have beamed on to a stereotype.

Packing serious heat, my away team was more than able to identify workplace hazards and, um, issue a few “citations” to six or ten bar patrons who don’t understand that “Safety is NO Accident.”

Of course, all things in the seedy world of Argelius II seem to revolve around Klingons and green chicks in bikinis, so it was inevitable that we would need to liberate Marta and the information she had obtained about the secret Klingon war plans.

This force field is here for my protection.

Talk about beauty and the beast, she was both.  No wonder the Klingons kept her behind a force field.  Klingon forces subdued, we were able to liberate Marta and deliver the critical information to the Federation.

Although friends and I have yet to connect for an extended period, I must say I’ve finding the main storyline missions to be quite satisfying in a purely Star Trek on TV sort of way.  They have an episodey essence about them and unlike the exploration or patrol missions, I come away with the sense that a plot is unfolding in a coherent way infront of me as I progress.  I think the storyline missions would provide a nice backbone for a dedicated small group experience.

Yes, maybe that feels a little more single playerish rather than true MMO-ish, but its a welcome departure and whats not to love about the ship combat?  Progression does seem to take some time assuming you are not grinding missions 24/7 so I think I will need to pace myself to avoid either burning out or getting bored.  As it stands right now, though I’ve not been able to really give it the time I want, STO in the right measure remains quite enjoyable.

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STO Open Beta Weekend Getaway

After a rough weekend with servers up and servers down for the last weekend of Star Trek Online’s open beta, who couldn’t resist a little R&R on Risa?

A few snapshots from my weekend getaway.

/e sitlounge FTW!

Good thing I don't have allergies

Why can't I stop signing "Bali Hai"?

I still don’t understand why I don’t get invited to parties.

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The Bridge: The Final Frontier

These are the voyages of the Starship U.S.S. Boursault on a continuing mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly sit where no one has sat before….

Stardate 01232010. Having just left Earth spacedock after the latest patch a recent retrofit, we were taking the Boursault on a shakedown when we received an aid call from Lt. Reynaldo Fabulous and the crew of the U.S.S. Wensleydale on patrol in the Bhea System.

I immediately headed for the turbolift to the bridge to get underway.  Arriving from the turbolift, I was pleased to see my bridge officers, Science Officer Cron, Tactical Officer S’Vek and Engineering Officer Delon already at their stations preparing to get underway.

I confidently strode across the bridge barking orders:

Skronk:  “Helm, set a course for Bhea System and step on it.  We don’t want Lt. Fabulous getting his hair mussed. ”

S’Vek:  “Aye sir.  Plotting course to Bhea System now.”

Skronk:  “Cron, what do we know about the Orion Syndicate’s presence in Bhea?”

Cron:  “Reports indicate the Syndicate has established a presence in Bhea. At last report they’ve constructed 7 drydocks to service their criminal fleet.  Numerous reports of Syndicate fleet activity in and around Bhea.”

Delon:  “Lt. Skronk, we’re receiving subspace communications from the Wensleydale.”

Skronk:  “On screen.”

Delon:  “Um, that’s just eyecandy Lieutentant.  Having trouble pulling the signal in, channeling audio now.”

Lieutenant Reynaldo Fabulous: “Boursault, this is the Wensleydale.  We’re taking heavy fire in the Bhea System.  Orion Syndicate cruisers and battleships are pounding us.  Heavy casualties.  We’re doing what we can, but we can’t hold out much longer.”

Skronk:  “Help is on the way, Lt.  In the mean time, try some aloe vera for that sunburn and redirect all power to the shields.  Boursault, out.  Dammit, S’Vek what’s taking so long?  And what the hell is wrong with this chair?”

Where's Herman Miller when you need him...

S’Vek:  “Helm is not responding, sir.  Its like the controls are … all for show.  They don’t doink anyting.”

Cron:  “Fascinating.  Your chair seems… in operative, sir.”

Skronk:  “Dammit Cron, I want answers, not excuses.  Delon, get me in this CHAIR! I can’t say ENGAGE standing like a fool!”

Delon:  “Didja try /sitting?”

Skronk:  “Its not responding.”

Cron:  “Maintenance logs indicate that sitting functionality is contained the the emote subsystem.  The sitting subsystem may be accessed by intiating an emote sequence with the desired sit functionality.”

Skronk:  “What’s that in English, Cron?”

Cron:  “Try /e sit, Sir.”

Skronk:  “You’ll have to do better than that.  Recomendations?”

Cron:  “System specifications indicate the presence of command functionality for commissioned officers.  Try /e sitcaptain, Sir.”

Bones! I can't feel my legs!

Skronk:  “Getting warmer Cron.  What was your class rank at Starfleet anyway?”

Cron:  “264 out of 311, Sir.  Perhaps, if we were to try to beam you into the chair….?”

Delon:  “Lt. Fabulous on subspace again, Lieutenant.”

Fabulous:  “Boursault, what’s taking so long?  They’re tearing us apart.  Shields are down and we’re taking damage to the structure.  Life support is failing.  My sickbay is overflowing.  We can’t hold out much longer.”

Skronk:  “We’re almost underway, Fabulous.  Bridge systems are not responding.  We fear the Orion Syndicate may have infiltrated Starfleet and sabotaged our controls.  We’re rerouting command functions now.  Stand by.  Boursault out.  Dammit, people are going to DIE unless someone gets me in this CHAIR!”

Delon:  “Why doon you try sneakin up on the chair?”

Skronk:  “I feel like a damned fool, but you may be on to something, Delon.  Cron, prepare to intiate emote sequence.”

Cron:  “Aye, sir.  /e sitcaptain on your mark.”

Skronk:  “MARK!”

Skronk:  “Excellent work crew.  S’Vek, set a course to Bhea, maximum warp.”

S’Vek:  “Helm is still not responding, sir.”

Skronk:  “Cron, what the hell kind of a bridge is this?”

Cron:  “Curious.  Ship engineering schematics indicate that command functions such as travel, navigation and combat are only available in tactical view.  As such, the Bridge would seem superflous at this time.”

Skronk:  “Cryptiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic!!!  Attention, all hands, abandon the bridge immediately and return to tactical view.  This is not a drill.  And get this boat to Bhea!”

S’Vek:  “Helm is responding now, Lieutenant.  Settink course for Bhea system, maximum warp.”

Skronk:  “Engage!”


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Ground Control to Major Tom

Something for Tipa from the STO Open Beta.  Indeed I was floating in a most peculiar way.

Definitely not a Class M environment...


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