Glitch Thoughts

Not a review, not really even full impressions.  Just some thoughts after pokeing around a bit in the new browser-based MMO Glitch from Tiny Speck.

The trailer is an amazing piece of work.  I’m a bit less enamored of the game.  Rather than recount the backstory of the game, which I think is truly innovative, just go watch the trailer.

Everything is really cute (e.g., petting and nibbling cute piggies).  And a bit snarky.  And that is good.  But after a few levels, I’m sort of left with the impression that a) the core gameplay is too similar to the facebook click fest games to grab me and b) most of the game is a throwback to the side scrolling jumping games that I never really enjoyed that much.

At least not since Loderunner.

I want to really like this game.  Its extremely creative.  Its extremely well polished.  Every piece of dialog or user information provided by the game is on message and totally consistent with their idiom.  And I hate to say it, but that bugs me a bit.  Too stylized almost.  Too its-what-the-cool-kids-think-is-cool (as decided by a specific god squad focus group, that is).

Maybe I’m too much of a curmudgeon to “get” Glitch.  I do really want to, but at the end of the first 45 minutes, I’m kind of left with a bit of a meh feeling.  Someone tell me I’m nuts and why.  I think Tiny Speck has done a tremendous job of delivering a high quality product.  I’m just not sure that its a product I want to buy.  I’d buy the idea of the product, but not the product.  How meta of me.  Still I’m not sold.  Someone sell me.