Hallowed Be My Name

Hallow’s End is in full swing in Azeroth and despite the end of our regular instance group activities, we all seem to enjoy the double meaninglessness of holiday events AND achievements.  So, after a good warm up on the recent Brewfest, most of us are enjoying the Hallow’s End fun and rolling the Headless Horseman for loot (and hoping for the possibility of his rare mount drop).  Since Eldre’Thalas is an east coast server and we’re west coast, Hallow’s End started for us last Saturday night.  We didn’t have a complete group on, so I got started in on the fun early.

In addition to the great loot that drops from the Headless Horseman, the meta achievement for the event is the title “the Hallowed“.  A laudable achievement and indeed a very priestly title.  Me want that.

Titles are fun.  Titles were one of the things I liked quite a bit about LotRO.  And of all the meaningless achievements, at least you get to keep the title forever.

Fortunately Hallow’s End runs for almost two weeks this year, so I thought even with my usual rotten luck, I might have a chance at the title with a bit of slightly less than obsessed diligence.  Most of the achievements are fairly pedestrian, requiring the completion of the basic daily quests, trick or treating locations in the Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor and Outland.  Trivial for someone at the level cap, more so for an “Explorer“.

Some require collaboration and luck– The Masquerade requires being transformed by various wands which requires someone else to be lucky and then favor you with the transformation.  With our group, getting that out of the way wasn’t bad.  The wands are random items that come from trick or treating innkeepers which you can do only once an hour.  Of course, intrepid enterprising folks are always advertising in trade offering their transformations for a price (I’m happy to say I got all mine from our little group rather than resorting to naked capitalism).

That left only a Sinister Calling to complete for the title.  This requires the acquisition of a sinister squashling and the hallowed helm.  Both are low percentage drops from treat bags.  Each trick or treat can result in a short duration trick, a costume transformation or a treat bag, so getting a bag each time is not a certainty, let alone the contents you desire in each bag.  So, I’ve been diligent this year in trick or treating as often as possible– log on and get one before I leave for work, log on when I get home and then come back after dinner, etc.  If I’m very diligent I might get about 5 in per day.  Otherwise, about 3 is typical.

So of course tonight, after another quick pummeling of the Headless Horseman, I was about to head off to bed when I saw the timer was only another 10 minutes before I could trick or treat again.  I was feeling pretty good since I had been able to finally get the squashling earlier in the night and the final transformation.  Only the hallowed helm to go and still plenty of time left in the event.  I was feeling good until I remembered our tank’s 60+ runs through old Strat trying (and not succeeding) to get his Tier 0.5 set pants back in the day… Still, think positive.

As the timer ran down, I thought to myself, hey I should probably be ready to take a screen shot just in case.  Yeah, right.

Treat Indeed
Treat Indeed

Five minutes before I was about to log, but I thought, well, just one more tonight…

Hallowed be MY name
Hallowed be MY name