Shut Up We’re Talking #8

This weekend, I had the great good fortune to be asked by Darren, The Common Sense Gamer to return and help co-host Shut Up We’re Talking, episode 8. Adele Caelia was sick so Wilhelm, The Ancient Gaming Noob and I got to pitch in as mere substitutes, but not replacements for Adele. Despite some technical difficulties, we all had a great time, twice even. Kudos to Darren for continuing to put together great shows with great guests like Jason and Karen.

As much fun as it was, here’s to hoping Adele gets well soon and returns to the co-host slot. The show is available as part of the Virgin Worlds podcast collective here and on iTunes.

Darren – commonsensegamer
John – Ancient Gaming Noob
Yours truly
Jason – WifeAggro
Karen – Journey’s with Jaye


  • Introductions
  • Listener mail/What we’re playing
  • The Midgame
  • Agency and MT
  • Know what you know
  • Killing PvE
  • The NDA and Me

Blog of the Week:
Random Ogre Thoughts

Shut Up We’re Talking #6 Podcast

In a shameless fit of self-promotion, I have to mention that Darren from The Common Sense Gamer has a new episode of SUWT#6 up.

The show runs about 1h20m.

Adele Caelia joins Darren as the new co-host this week and is joined by:

Topics include:

  • BlizzCon and SoE FanFaire
  • Bethesda enters the MMO space
  • Alternatives to Levelling
  • LotRO: Middle Age Crazy in Middle Earth
  • LotRO: Gimme a bucket of wings
  • MMOooovement
  • Blog O’ the Week: Anyway Games

Thanks to Darren for another great show.

More Work?

Ugh.  One of those weeks when I realize I haven’t had any time to, ahem, contribute to the MMOGosphere, but aside from a few interesting bits in the community, its been a bit quiet.  LotRO is in full swing, the Vanguard saga has climaxed and other anticipated releases are still a way off into the future (PotBS, Warhammer, Conan, etc.).

The most interesting thing to me is, its probably been more than a month since I even logged in to WoW.

Looking forward to getting back into things soon!

Zug Zug!