Thought For the Day: Gaming Middle Age

A rather frightening thought passed though my mind this evening: was I past Gaming Middle Age?

A quick working definition– Gaming Middle Age is the age at which, assuming average life expectancy, one has spent as many years gaming as one has left in which to game.

Parse that to your hearts content. I’m primarily concerned with video games, so that pretty much starts in the Pong era for yours truly (home version, that is). If one only counts the home computer era, then it’s a coin toss between the Apple ][ and TRS-80. Call it 1976-77 for simplicity. Jimmy Carter, the Bicentennial, Captain and Tennile, the D&D Boxed Set… You get the picture.

Either way, after doing a bit of the old arithmetic, that means I’ve been playing video games for about 37 years. So, adding 37 years to my present age … oh my that is a large number… And, depending on who’s data you use, its a number almost ten years past the average life expectancy for males in the US.

Perhaps it’s not too late to move to Monaco

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