What a difference a day makes

Reaper? BDR? Shocked! Shocked I say...
Reaper? BDR? Shocked! Shocked I say…

Suffering from the same fate as Wilhelm, slogging through the French heavy line, I did manage to finally get to the mountain top of the 90mm gun.  Coupled with the increased view range that binoculars can provide and suddenly “L’Oeuf Domage” has become L’Oeuf Dommage” at last (apologies to Mme. Bosque, my long suffering high school French teacher).

Seems that if one takes the time to be thoughtful, patient and a bit careful, one can teach people to fear the egg.  Looking forward to finding some time to platoon up with Wilhelm and Earlthecat and scramble a few unsuspecting chaps.

2 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes”

  1. The French heavy line is not for the feint of heart. Just repeat to yourself, I am just a big medium… I am just a big medium. Once you get to the auto loaders and all will be right as rain ;)

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