Fae Yule is Coming!

With Fae Yule coming up soon in Rift, this weekend was time to start getting into the spirit.  With the addition of player dimensions (housing) this year, that means just like in RL, decorating for the season.  For this year’s Fae Yule celebration, Rift has a number of pre-celebration gifts available.  All the details here.

For the price of a Facebook like, this year Rift gave away a Fae Yule Gift Pile, literally.  The Gift Pile is a dimension items that is, you guessed, a pile of gifts.  As I found out, once the code is applied to your account, each of your alts will receive the item which is not soulbound, so I used two piles in decorating my Fae Yule tree in my newbie Warden’s Point basic Defiant dimension

Charlie Brown, eat your heart out.
Charlie Brown, eat your heart out.

Rather pleased with my Charlie Brown-esque attempts at seasonality, I invited Mrs. P to come check it out.  Hence our first opportunity for a Rift Fae Yule family screenshot, companion pets included (a bit too much of art imitating life).

Happy Fae Yule from the Potshots
Happy Fae Yule from the Potshots

Of course, with the wife visiting the man-cave came decorating suggestions.  I had left off with a fairly austere series of floating platforms connected by ramps before I sort of drifted away.  I had managed to create something of a brazier effect in the sole building the dimension has using a torch and the blue vase that comes with completing the newbie dimensions quest.

Of course to her, it looked like a sauna in the making.  So, with the winter weather and Fae Yule imminent we set out to build the sauna.  Taking a lesson from EQ2 where often the backside of something is more useful that the front, a set of bookcases quickly became wood paneling for the sauna (with the added value of the parts protruding outside adding some much needed architectural features to the stone building).  Bear rug, water bucket, birch leaves and voila!  One instant sauna.

Cozy.  Too cozy.
Cozy. Too cozy.

Once complete, I of course had to inaugurate it which immediately reminded Mrs. P of why we don’t (and wont) have a sauna in our home…

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?
Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

Ahh, winter, yes, winter.

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