The Storm Arrives…and Off Come My Pants

No posts for months and then two in two days? I know…

So, Rift’s first expansion, Storm Legion, launched this evening.  I managed to hop on after dinner and got patched in about an hour, more or less.  With the streaming patcher, the game was “playable” in probably 5-10 minutes, but with two accounts in the house, I decided to preserve bandwidth and let it finish before I hopped in.

Mrs. P couldn’t wait and experienced some laggish issues.  Whether that was the client chugging with the patch on-going or just catching the tail end of U.S. primetime by logging on about 8pm west coast time, who knows.  By the time I got in about 45 minutes later, everything seemed fine with no issues.

With cape installed, I headed off for Iron Pine Peaks and the portal to explore the new lands in the Kingdom of Pelladane, on one of the two new continents.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Pelladane!

Mrs. P and I were only level 47, so we were really just poking around to see what we could see and more or less could manage +3 level mobs together with her tanking pet and me doing the healing support with my cleric.  With no intention of actually focusing on quests, we just explored and managed to knock off a few world event related quests along the way.

We also managed to find and finish off one of the first gear reward quests, so I got a new set of legs.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Pelladane!

Yup, its an expansion.  On the left is the first set of green quest reward pants compared with my lowbie transplanar pants which were purchased with planarite and sourcestones.  For level 45 in the old country, they were pretty darned good for easily accessible gear, and better than most nonexpert dungeon drops.  Well, at least I had the satisfaction of completing the set before it was completely obsoleted.  Same as it ever was.

Still I got to see enough to whet my appetite for more.  Two complete continents each as large or larger than the original game is an explorer’s dream.

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