King for a Day

Well, I managed to actually get a character to the level cap in Rift scarcely 24 hours before the Storm Legion expansion releases tomorrow. Like Wilhelm, I went with the full year subscription option which gave you the expansion “free” with some goodies like the “Landslide” mount.

After the great pre-expansion patch soul reset, I was a bit daunted about relearning how to play my main and my stable of alts. After a few weekends with my instance group character, I think I’ve gotten the hang of my support/dps cleric but State, my warrior, had languished in the high 30s.

Kudos to Trion for solving a number of challenges with one solution–the main city Storm Legion instant Adventure. If you were checking back in to the game before the expansion, the constantly running event in town begged you to join the action. Likewise if you were relearning to play due to the patch changes to souls, here was a great, quick and painless way to do it. And, if you were looking to catch up to the level cap, the raid experience and planarite rewards rained down fast and furious.

Suffice it to say, three days later and voila, ten levels under my belt. I must have known this but forgotten it–once you hit 50, there is an instanced ceremony event to celebrate your, ahem, ascendancy. I’m sure countless thousands have described it, so if you haven’t read about it or experienced it, I wont give spoilers, but I must say its a cool way to recognize the accomplishment. Much better than a mere ding or broadcast achievement. Nicely done.

Level 50 Fireworks in my own private Meridian

So after wondering whether Rift would survive for me after the fall onslaught of releases, I’ve doubled down for the expansion. Bring on the storm.

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