Obtaining the Odyssey

This weekend is Star Trek Online’s Second Anniversary Event.  As part of the event, STO is giving away the new Odyssey class Starship for free.

Having returned to STO since it went free to play, it was an opportunity not to pass up.  Although the Odyssey requires Vice Admiral (currently Level 50, the top rank), players that have reached at least level 5 can obtain one.

STO ranks have 10 grades, so for example, my current main Lieutenant Commander Hardinian Skronk Gaz (aka Skronk) is currently LC (18), or 8 ranks into Lieutentant Commander.  Initially you start the game as an Ensign and then almost immediately become Lieutenant.  To complicate things, the Ensign/Lieutenant tier is combined into one tier.  Suffice it to say, you need to be LT(5) to be able to access the quest for the Odyssey.

To obtain the quest, go see Engineer Kani by the fountain (next to the door to Admiral Quinn’s office) on Earth Spacedock.  Kani will send you on the quest to take the new Odyssey on its shakedown cruise out of its spacedock.

While its not quite classic Star Trek Enterporn, once the mission starts, you’re treated to a brief cinematic pan of the new ship which is quite impressive.

Without giving away any spoilers, the mission isn’t terribly long or difficult, but it does give you a chance to pilot the new beast.

Take her out Mr. Saavik
Mind the curb feelers
Odyssey, the Galaxie 500 of Starships
Onward to Destiny! or at least the end of the test drive...

Finally, mission accomplished, you are rewarded with an item in your inventory which can be redeemed for the ship.  Of course, if you’re not Vice Admiral yet, you can pack it away in your bank until that happy day.  The event ends at 10 am PST on Monday, February 6, so get them while they’re available.

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