PotD: Gates of Meridian

Gates of Meridian

Enjoying myself exploring the Defiant side of Telara.  I only tried Guardian during beta and am liking what I see so far.

One thought on “PotD: Gates of Meridian”

  1. Apart from Beta 1, which was Defiant only, I played Guardian side all the way through beta and until my first Live character reached 50. Mrs Bhagpuss and I then started again on the Defiant side on a different server and we’ve barely touched Guardian since.

    Both sides are extremely well developed and detailed, but on balance I prefer Defiant. Meridian is a lot easier to navigate and Freemarch is a lot less elfy, which has to be a good thing. Although both sides use the same zones for progression from Scarlet Gorge onwards, the content is largely different, and I preferred the Defiant quests and storyline.

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