Adventure in Moving

So progress in LotRO is being made and a good time is generally being had.  So good in fact that I decided to bring someone else to the party.

Let’s recap.  Once upon a time, long long ago, we all rolled on Windfola and it was good.  Well, we were broke, but it was still good.  As LotRO doesn’t quite stick with everyone, several of our little group wanted to migrate back to WoW.  After a few other fits and starts, the Windfola characters pretty much got mothballed.

Time marches on and after progress of a kind, I find myself and several of our group with several toons and resources on Firefoot.  When we launched the Firefoot effort, we all rerolled and I spent most of my time on my group oriented minstrel and my solo oriented rune keeper.  Of course I have a few other alts there, but nothing even in the 20s I think.

With our loosely organized goal of getting to Moria, I took stock of who might be within striking distance within our group and noticed a relative dearth of plate wearers.  I’ve powered by RK almost to the mid-forties and the goal is within site.  Still, several of us have characters in the thirties that would be nice to advance.

Of course, with the soon to release Rise of Isengard, we’ll be nearing Gondor which made me nostalgic for my long left Captain Dendromir mothballed on Windfola.  In a fit of enthusiasm, I thought, what the heck, throw down for the transfer and that will be a nice addition to the collection of toons among our group.

Have you seen me?

Character Transfers.  How difficult could it be?  I’ve transferred a character on WoW and I think it took all of an hour.  I’ve never looked into anything in EQ2, but how bad could it be?

My first clue that it might not be so painless was just finding out how to do it.  Nothing on my account page provided a clue.  Eventually, after some googling, I found a discussion directing me to Turbine’s support site–

Eventually I found the “Paid Services” tree in the knowledgebase that led me to a FAQ.  Buried near the bottom of the long document ultimately was what I was looking for.  Transfer a Character for $24.95.  A bit steep, but seems relatively market.

The solution apparently involves opening a support ticket for a “World Character Transfer” and filling out a form.  Seemed easy enough, even if a bit clunky.  And here’s what they said about timing in the FAQ:

How long will it take to process this service?

All Paid Service requests are processed in the order they are received. Turnaround can vary greatly depending on the size of the queue.

So I’m thinking, ok, but how busy could Turbine support be when I’m begging to throw $25 at them?

Of course, the confirmation email told  slightly different story:

Thank you for your LOTRO CHARACTER TRANSFER request. This automated Email has been sent to let you know that we have received your Character Transfer request. You will receive a response from a Turbine Premium Services Representative shortly.

Responses typically take 1-2 weeks depending on incoming ticket volume. You will be charged $24.95 once the transfer process has been completed.

Holy crap.  2 weeks?  Now that’s slow for a paid service.  Might have been nice to know before I pulled the trigger, but what the hey.  It couldn’t really take that long…

So here I am now, one week out with poor Dendromir held hostage hoping the log jam gets cleared soon.  I’m a bit surprised that any game doesn’t have an automated process for character transfers.

3 thoughts on “Adventure in Moving”

  1. For a game company, Turbine seems to have an almost Luddite attitude towards automation and manually doing things. I had never heard about the transfer time, which really seems excessive. At least their customer support people won’t have to fear for their jobs, if all is done manually.

    Another example from the area of account management: I had a DDO account, and then wanted to try out LotRO. I heard that you had to make a new account, because they are per-game. When I tried to create one with the same user name (yes yes, I know, security and all! Did want to use different passwords though), I was told that an account by that name already existed. Seeing how the name was pretty unlikely to be taken by anybody else, I got suspicious. Turned out that yes, Turbine accounts are managed globally, but you can’t by default add a new game to your current account.

    The solution, as officially told in the Online Help? Log in with your account, open a ticket, request a game key (like the ones that used to come with the boxes), wait. After two days or so, some guy will manually mail you a key that you can use to “register”. Quite a silly way to do it for free-to-play games, really. But at least it didn’t cost anything, and it wasn’t too weeks! That’s just a tad excessive.

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