4 thoughts on “PotD: Estate of Unrest”

    1. Funny you should mention that… One of the few places that has only one entrance/exit.

      One of the things that prompted my earlier post about interesting choices was this particular zone. Wilhelm had mentioned the same aspect when describing our adventures in Najena– even with several groups in the zone/dungeon, there was a tacit collaboration among the groups because of the geography. With a range of difficulties the deeper you go, its advantageous to have multiple groups clearing the various choke points along the way.

      Wil and I usually try to coordinate our efforts, but RL schedules have been a challenge this week so I found myselves on with him no where to be found.

      I decided to venture back into Unrest to frankly practice how to deal with the difficult mobs there. As a twosome (and not wanting to subject anyone unwillingly to a twobox group, though I freely offerred) I decided I’d contribute to the public good (and my own survival) by keeping the escape route clean.

      There were several groups of varying levels in the zone, some inside the mansion, some along the walls, one or two working the hedge maze.

      Every so often the inevitable train would come running for the exit. Having kept the area cleared, allowed for an easier escape for the pursued and an easy exit for myself since I was near the tunnel.

      Everyone would head for the tunnel, zone, recover and rebuff on the outside and then re-enter. People were generous with buffs, heals, etc. and share war stories about how the wheels came off on the last fight that ended in a train.

      After a few minutes, we’d all go back in and do it all over again. The process repeated itself. Inter group collaboration benefited us all and as a result, we all got to take a few different approaches to tough tactical situations without too much fear of wiping.

      We were all on the same team. We all got to make interesting choices.

  1. This, and Crushbone are a couple of my “vindictive zones.” I haven’t played EQ in quite a while, but whenever I do reactivate my account, one of my favorite things to do (often because the game has changed so much since I played last, I don’t know what ELSE to do) is go back to zone that were especially difficult for me (for whatever reason) at lower levels – and slaughter things.

    “Yeah, how do you like THAT Emperor Crush?!”

    Ahem. It’s not pretty – but it’s therapeutic. :)

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