Queue Queue

Looks like Lord of the Rings Online’s free to play experience is off to a rip roaring start.

And this on what was a low pop server.  Saturday night was certainly just like old times– lagalicious good times in old Bree.  I’m sure things will even out as the first wave of new/old noobs disperses throughout Middle Earth.

Store functionality seems to be decent in my limited experience.  Mrs. P and I took advantage of the bonus pricing for a modest amount of Turbine Points which was painless.  FAR more painless than in the few other F2P games in which I’ve attempted to buy “points”.  Just click confirm and purchase done.  Of course, that is also related to the fact that I already had a Turbine account and payment information for my previous LotRO sub was already in place.

The organization and some of the functionality of the store, however, certainly leaves something to be desired.  Here’s an easy one to bitch about– no “Dressing Room” preview of items.  Fortunately, many folks have compiled screen shots of some items from the F2P beta, so if you Google a bit, you can get a preview, but selling cosmetic items for cash is a hard sell if you can’t actually see it until you purchase….

Next, the store tries to be overly helpful by limiting what is displayed by what your current character/class/level can presently purchase/equip.  This is fail.  Maybe I’m missing something, but unlike every other trainer, vendor and auction house interface, in the store you can not see what is over your horizon.  Color me crazy, but I’m much more likely to throw down for some Turbine Points if I can see that at Level X I can purchase the Uber Donkey of Swiftness with 2000% travel speed and auto-bray AOE stun if I can actually see it in the damned store before I’m able to use it…  I like knowing what’s ahead so I can plan and play accordingly.

Hopefully, someone will realize that a “useable” checkbox filter and/or a confirmation dialog box when you purchase something you can’t use for your class/level would probably go a long way to encouraging sales…

Still, heartily encouraged by the influx of folks to ME at this point.

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