No Queue for you!

02 Jun

CCP has a pretty decent record of continuous improvement in Eve over the years.  Notwithstanding the ahem recurring ahem problems incident to an expansion, the new features and tweaks are generally well thought out and move the ball forward.

The skill queue is such a beast.  Even having a limited 24 hour window to automatically queue skills to start training while offline meant many good things.  For one, it took some of the pain out of broadening your skill set without losing precious training time.

With the training queue came the great feature to “inject” a skill which was basically consuming the skill book without actually starting the training.  A great innovation so you could start an entirely new course of training while offline.  Since levels one through 3 of a skill are generally short, this is ideal.  Queue up a bunch of short skills, cap it with a long one (just in case you can’t log on when you might expect to) and you’re golden.

Of course, the inject/queue feature fails to address one scenario: beginning to learn a new skill which requires the completion of a prerequisite skill.  Until you’ve fully completed the prerequisites, you can’t inject the skill which means you can’t queue the prerequisite and then the desired skill in sequence.

Such is the situation I find myself in past my bedtime.  My dread level V prerequisite (Anchoring V needed for Starbase Defense Management) was due to complete in a short but not nearly short enough time.  So, I whine, I blog and I wait it out.

I can live with the 24 hour queue window, even if I would rather it be maybe a week long.  But its tough that a prerequisite acts as a block to queuing through a training plan.  How about a conditional that would allow you to queue the new skill if you had the skill book in your cargohold?  If you sold it or left it in a station, too bad.  The risk of losing a potentially expensive skill book should more than counterbalance the convenience factor…

All in all a small annoyance, but since I had to wait, I thought I’d share my pain.


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2 responses to “No Queue for you!

  1. Jenni Concarnadine

    June 3, 2010 at 10:23 pm

    I agree, but I don’t see CCP changing the mechanic just yet.
    What i do is to keep a couple of “semi-essential” skills (like Level 5s) on stand-by, and then when I’ve a situation like yours, I fill in the time between the prerequisite skill finishing and being able to log on to start the advanced skill, with one of my L5s, and then log on as soon as I can, canel the L5, and go back to normal training. The most i usually lose is 14 hours or thereabouts, and that’s 14 hours invested into something that, eventuially, will top out and I’ll have the benefit of.

  2. Kename Fin

    June 7, 2010 at 1:55 am

    Agreeing with Jenni, I finished off several level 5’s in this manner [though waiting for patches to finish being applied and then downloading help account for a large portion of level 5’s as well] and it never hurts.

    I feel your pain though with regard to needing a pre-requisite to level V. After waiting 5, 10, 20 days for a skill to train, it seems a shame you can’t at least inject the next skill.


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