Back. In Space.

Tap tap.  This thing still on?

Funny things happen when life goes a bit sideways.  Things like not blogging.  Any who, without much going on in the gaming universe of late, I’ve been itching for something new.   As Wil has been reporting, our WoW instance group is nearing 60 on the Horde side and have nearly completed our pre-Cataclysm Tour d’Azeroth.

Where we’ll go once we hit 60 is anyone’s guess.  There’s been some exploration in other games including a number of FTP offerings, but nothing is a clear front runner at this point yet.  I was about to take up knitting or something else productive when simultaneously I started reading more about Eve’s upcoming Tyrannis expansion and Tobold’s interesting series of posts and comments on his recent foray into Eve.

Ah Eve.  I was expecting the siren song of Eve to call me back to the icy depths in the fall after a summer break, but my work schedule just didn’t put another MMO in my life.  All the Eve discussion coupled with a lack of compelling gaming options finally pushed me over the edge.

Of course all the discussion about making your own goals really hit home.  When I was last in Eve in earnest about a year ago, I was immersed in planning a wormhole POS excursion.  Alas, I hit the wall before I could launch it, but now I’m reinvigorated and proceeding apace.

Generally, I’m an empire carebear, playing my multibox version of sim-space but the idea of small group wormhole operations is captivating for me.  Planning, logistics, training, exploration, danger, gas clouds, roid rage– only back two days and already I’ve got half a dozen spreadsheets going…  All good stuff and exactly the kind of stuff that has been lacking in my gaming life– self directed compelling goals in the proverbial sandbox with landmines.

To get our feet wet, I think we’ll set up in a Class 2 wormhole and see how it goes.  Once we’ve got that figured out, then we’ll consider something more challenging.  Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Back. In Space.”

  1. Welcome Back! :)

    I remember reading about your original planning of adventures into Wormspace. Glad you came back and I’m looking forward to hearing about your expedition moving forward.

  2. @Kyff: Unfortunately, I hit a wall with STO. RL time commitments just didn’t justify keeping the sub going and I didn’t have that burning MUST PLAY feeling which is always a warning sign.

    Not quite enough depth there but I expect to check back at some point.

    In the mean time, I’m back to Eve.

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