Happy Blog Anniversary to Me

Well, its been three years since I launched this blog.  Go me.  Longevity isn’t much of an achievement, but among so many of life’s “meaningless achievements” its something.

Conveniently, my blog anniversary is near enough the first of the year to bear some reflection and introspection.  So where has the blog been and where is it going?

The short answer mirrors RL at the moment– not entirely sure.  The state of the economy was playing havoc with my mind and my work, so I found less time to blog.  Without much going on in the greater game world (for me at least), my posting dropped pretty dramatically after I signed off off Eve.

I find that if I’m not doing new and interesting things (for me, at least), I don’t feel like I have much to say.  This last year seemed to have quite a bit of that.

In the gaming world, I spent a good portion of the first part of the year in Eve but hit a wall as summer arrived.  This follows my typical Eve arc: the cold loneliness of New Eden goes nicely with the long nights and cold weather of winter.  I keep thinking of resubbing my Eve accounts, but something always stops me.  The Apocrypha expansion that brought wormholes got me very interested for a good while but the prospect of making the ISK I wanted to fuel my pet projects bogged me down.

Otherwise, most of the year was spent in WoW with our regular instance group the chronicles of which are recorded over at The Ancient Gaming Noob.  After capping our group characters out and finishing all of the normal 5 man content, we parked them and promptly switched servers, roles and factions to do it all again on a PvP server.  Even that as a change rekindled some enthusiasm.  New classes to learn, new professions to work on, etc.

Finally, toward the end of the year, I started to get the bug for Star Trek Online, a game I hadn’t really been anticipating but was starting to garner my attention.  I’m currently in the open beta and I’m cautiously optimistic that it will turn into something interesting… note the forward looking statement there.

For this upcoming year, I anticipate that I’ll probably spend time in two games for most of the year– probably WoW and some kind of space game whether that’s Eve or STO remains to be seen.  Cataclysm will rekindle a new wave of WoW and other than STO , I’m not looking forward to anything that’s supposed to release this year.

As for blogging, I just don’t know.  By default, I’ve been taking a bit of a break.  My posts have dwindled from several a week to barely one or two a month.  Without much to say and with attentions focused more on the increasingly difficult economic/job situation I’ve got to be honest with myself that blogging doesn’t always hit the priority list.  My time during the day affords little opportunity to blog and I’ve been more jealously guarding my time on the nights and weekends, so the blog suffers but that’s ok.  So, we’ll see just what 2010 holds and whether it’s something to write about.

3 thoughts on “Happy Blog Anniversary to Me”

  1. Grats on three years, far longer than most. And unless you are happy in one of the niche titles of 2009, the year has been somewhat slow in terms of general blogging, especially compared to 2008 and all the hype surrounding WAR. Hopefully 2010 will bring us more ‘stuff’ to generally talk about in the MMO space.

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