Gift Horse

Been very quiet.  Topsy turvy work schedules and generally nothing constructive to say have somehow managed to keep me from posting much of late.  Something I’ll try to fix as the longer nights of fall and winter arrive.

I checked out of Eve last summer after a long and productive winter/spring run.  For me for some reason, Eve is a winter game.  Somehow it doesn’t seem right to be travelling the cold lonely depths of New Eden when its 100 degrees and the scent of barbeque is wafting in the windows with the sound of someone’s distant lawn mower.

So, as seasons turn, my thoughts were turning to Eve yet again.  Not quite the time to resub just yet, but soon.  Then suddenly to my surprise, I received this reactivation offer from CCP:

Sign me up for the bailout!

Needless to say, I don’t recall having over 3.4 trillion ISK laying around when I pulled the plug.  As a reactivation premium, this certainly got my attention.  Now I’m sure there are capsuleers out there who would skoff at a mere 3.4 trillion ISK, but for me that would be an order of magnitude greater than the ISK I had ever had at any one time.  Such largess from the cruel universe of New Eden.  It couldn’t be correct, but made me curious.

The email looked genuine enough.  When I looked at the source code all the urls seemed correct.  I even independently visited them without clicking through.  Yup.  The genuine Eve Online site.

Curiosity finally got the better of me and I clicked through.  After retrieving my password, I was granted my one day free pass.  Curiously no mention of the bounty of ISK awaiting me yet.  Oh well, I’m sure they just dumped it in my wallet right?

After logging I went straight to my wallet:

walletWell a cursory examination of my station contents didn’t reveal any hidden PLEX laying around or any sort of claim check or mystical note or crumpled brown paperbag stuffed with ISK notes.  Boy, that number in my wallet sure looks familiar…. All the while, I’ve been trying to come up with the methodology CCP used to generate that enormous number… Then it hit me.  Its just 4 decimal places off.  What the last two mean, I have no idea.

Looking to confirm my suspicions, I hit google found a thread and came up with this:

We regret the error...

I guess my gift horse has false teeth.  Oh well, at least it made me patch Eve so I’m ready for those long winter nights.

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