Skronk the Explorer


Cartographic Excess
Cartographic Excess

I’ve been creeping around with the general goal of getting my Explorer title in WoW for a while.  Having been the group alchemist, I had covered quite a bit of most zones gathering herbs, etc.  Still, Northrend held me back until I hit 77 and got my cold weather flying skill.  Northrend fell in short order.

Likewise, Outland, even without an epic flyer went relatively quickly.  As an alliance character, most of the Eastern Kingdoms just happened, so it wasn’t too hard to go back and revisit the few areas I had missed.

Kalimdor, on the other hand, was something else entirely.  Our group had scarcely touched the continent leveling up except where necessary to get to instances and/or do lead in quests.  With other characters in Classic WoW, we had spent quite a bit of time there.  Not so with the instance group.  I had entire zones to explore (i.e. Mulgore, Azuremyst and Bloodmyst, etc.) as well as revisiting a few of those where there is really no reason to go now on the way up (e.g., Silithus or Winterspring).

Still a perfect Sunday afternoon activity zig-zagging Kalimdor in an epic walk down memory lane.  The final area of the map to be revealed was Darkwhisper Gorge in Winterspring.  I really do miss old Azeroth.  They should have a nostalgia achievement.  I know quite a few folks who would likely qualify for “the Nostalgic” as a title.

I'm even wearing my World Domination Tabard
I'm even wearing my World Domination Tabard

4 thoughts on “Skronk the Explorer”

  1. Heh! Never mind nostalgia, I have it all ahead of me for the first time.

    I only have the basic game, and that’s clearly large enough to last me many months. Coming from EQ1/2, I’m astounded by just how busy all the low level zones are. My dwarf hunter’s now 27th and everywhere he goes is busy. The various comments I read before I started playing WoW just a week or two back, claiming the lower levels were dead and Blizzard needed to do something to help the few new starters over the bleak, empty levels on their way to everyone else reflect about as much reality as all the rest of the comments I’ve read about WoW over the years.

    Which is to say, playing WoW bears little or no ressemblance to being told what it’s like to play WoW.

  2. I think they mean comparatively dead, I assume because no zones are completely dead in WOW. At levels 35 & 36 on my tri-box experiment every zone so far has lots of players. That might change as we hit mid 40s & 50s. You have more zone options and some of them are horrifically BAD. Players might linger in a lower zone longer or jump into a higher zone sooner to avoid places like Azshara, Desolace, Swamp of Sorrows, Badlands, etc. So you might eventually hit less populated zones.

  3. Unfortunately, I think I have to agree with Saylah. I started knocking off some of these in earnest chasing the Midsummer Festival bonfires around.

    While some zones are no longer essential and merely inconvenient (e.g., Hinterlands) I think the old cap zones have faired the worse with the expansions– once you’re in the striking zone of questing in Hellfire Peninsula, Howling Fjord or Borean Tundra, most folks just run off there for the better rewards.

    Zones like Silithus, Eastern Plaguelands, Winterspring, Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley are little more than tourist attractions now. A bit OT, but IMHO initially allowing access through the Dark Portal to Outland at 58 (and providing gear drops wearable at that level too) was a tragedy. Some of the most highly polished and balanced content in the game utterly trivialized and cast off by design.


  4. What’s even worse is that many players want to do that content. I see people asking in trade for participant but very few takers. This is the first game I’ve played for this long and that has had multiple expansions so this could be the norm. But I find myself shocked at how Blizzard designs expansions that negate instanced content. It’s rather shocking the decisions they made to trivialize things to the degree they did. And mores the pity since they are THE ONLY MMO with a population large enough to have continued supporting that content.

    The Achievements are pushing some people to run the old content once or twice yet so many more could have and would be, if the xpacs didn’t crap on the last 5 levels of the max level zone, which is where the majority of the instanced content resides in WOW. The killer, infamous lore characters and epic encounters for the most part, are buried in the last 5 to max levels, as what people do for end game. Why the crap on top of that with the introductory zones of an expansion is beyond me and very silly. They should have held of the gear reset until 1/4 the way into the xpac to keep the previous instances relevant.

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