Sleepers 1, Potshot 0

This ain't over...
This ain't over...

Adventures in exploration continue…

So there I was not exactly minding my own business exploring a wormhole out of empire in my wee Heron… I should have known it was cursed

Strike one, although the wormhole hadn’t been disturbed significantly by ships, it was nearing the end of its life.

Strike two, as I was scanning down sites in the wormhole, I got disoriented and ended up scanning down my exit hole…

Strike three, it was getting late and I scanned down a site near the periphery of the system hoping it would be a gravimetric or ladar site.  But no, it was a magentometric site which means archaelogical ruins.

I hadn’t scanned down one of those before, so I said what the heck, lets check it out.

I got the site to 100% and decided to warp in to 100km just to see what it was about.

Chat says it all (note the time stamps):


Classic noobness. While I fumbled for a warp point, the five or six sleeper frigates who were at 40-50kms when I warped in at 100km made short work of the wee Heron.

So what have we learned?

Insurance is good.  Especially for exploration ships.

Have your exit strategy in place before you scout a site i.e., have your Plan destination before you warp into trouble.   Especially if you’re scouting in a soap bubble like the Heron.

Sleepers are like a box of angry kittens.

5 thoughts on “Sleepers 1, Potshot 0”

  1. I still haven’t even been able to scan down a worm hole yet … I guess if I would actually learn how to use the scanner system that would help.

    Time stamp is awesome though. great catch.

  2. /agrre with Phoe — CLOAK!!!!!!!

    Training for Covert Ops and taking a Buzzard isn’t a bad idea either — you can warp cloaked in those things. Much safer than using a Heron.

  3. Had a cloak on the Heron, but like a noob I thought I’d be reasonably safe at 100km and/or have enough time be able to warp if there was trouble. Wrong on both accounts.

    Having a Covert Ops ship would be nice and avoid the whole problem. I’ve still got some training to get to a Buzzard which is my immediate goal. In the mean time, I’m making due with disposable ships.

    Not that I want to make a habit of it…

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