Ravin ’bout the Raven

So being the end of the weekend and all and what with my dearth of posts of late, I figured I’d better get something out.  Progress in Eve abounds.  I’ve managed to eke out enough standings with a few factions now that I can pull a few Level 4 missions.

Good stuff, good bounties, salvage and good undisturbed mining.  They tend to pack a bit of a punch so my unstated goal has been to upgrade from my dual Drakes to something in the battleship class.  Having all those missile and shield skills made it easier to stick with something Caldari, but it really wasn’t that much longer for one of the other faction BSes.

Wil, Gaff and Darren are flying Ravens (both standard and the Navy version), so I was a bit meh on them.  Nothing new to see here, blah blah.  Having pioneered the Orca in our little corp after so many other firsts by others, I was still thinking it might be worth a bit of a departure for exploration’s sake.  At the end of the day, the right answer would have been the Raven– people in my corp were familiar with it and could lend advice, etc., it was relatively inexpensive, blah blah.

So, I decided to settle for a Raven.  After my push for a nearly 1/2 billion isk ship, a mere 85(ish) million isk ship should be cake.  Great goals inspire performance equal to their audacity, and yes this might perhaps be “not that big a deal”.  Curiously I found myself  skill constrained on my two accounts.  For reasons far too obscure to mention, one account was closer to a Raven on the Spaceship Command side and another on the weapon systems actually needed to pilot one effectively.

After a furious bout with Eve Mon and EFT, my Orca pilot was deemed heir apparent to the next combat ship upgrade having a several day advantage in the training department.  Weaps would follow quickly.  Neglecting that Caldari cruiser training came home to roost for my miner.

Like Icarus who dared to fly too close to the sun with his waxen wings, our largely kernite fueld corporation has of late been relagated to feeding copious quantities of tritanium any pyerite into the local economy.  Although the buy price hadn’t been that drastically lower than most nearby sell prices, we’ve managed to escalate the trit and pye price to somewhat astronomical levels.  Something over 4.00 isk was generally good for tritanium, then buy orders started showing up for 4.10 or occasionally 4.15 with sales generally steady at sell prices of 4.20.  Not much of a spread, not much of a premium for a patient seller…

Then, a few of us started goosing the price, 4.25, 4.30 and finally 4.49.  Now we seem to be in a bit of a standoff with copious buy orders on the market for around 4.00 and large sell orders at 4.49.  I guess we’ll see who blinks first.  The result of this market standoff is that there has been less cashflow than one would desire for the reckless pursuit of two battleships. That’s slowed down what would have been the incidental acquisition of isk requisite for a battleship.

Nonetheless, by hook and crook, other market endeavors yielded enough isk by the time I finished skill training to fly the Raven.  So, I give you the Caldari Raven, Fiacha:

Whats not to love?
Whats not to love?

I’ve still got a few skills to complete in the next day or so to be fully functional for my initial desired loadout, but here she is.  Once I settled in the cockpit, all feelings of meh immediately fell away.  The Raven calls to your inner Klingon/Romulan.  Mine answered.

After the fly and forget passive Drake, I need to get used to active shield tanking, but fortunately, I have accomplished predecessors upon which to call for advice.  My fledgling steps have so far been very promising.

While my Orca has some serious geek-cool, swiss army knife qualities to it, the Raven just feels like a shaken can of whoop ass waiting to be opened with the looks to back it up.  Overall, I’m quite pleased and look forward to some action.

4 thoughts on “Ravin ’bout the Raven”

  1. @Tony: Indeed, I’m one of the slackers in The Ancient Gaming Noob’s eve corp.

    Looking forward to getting my second account qualified too.

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