Dueling Drakes

What is it about the holidays and the end of the year that makes everyone suddenly to start a project that just has to get done by year end?  Couple that with some family travel/events and that’s been my life this month, hence the dearth of posts.

Despite an otherwise busy month, I have been keeping up with Eve.  As I’ve alluded to many times, I seem to be a two mmo max guy.  I’ve been juggling EQ2, WoW and Eve for the last month or so, but a number of things have conspired to keep me out of one or more.

I had been goofing around in EQ2 with Wilhelm and Mrs. P until Mrs. P’s RL project deadline kept her offline for a bit.  The idea was to try to keep a small group around the same level, so I found myself sidelining EQ2.

As a result, I had a bit more time for Eve.  Eve, the game you can play when you can’t play.  There is something to be learned here for other MMOs.  The ability to “progress” and remain connected to the game when even offline is a powerful hook.  Even when I was playing more EQ2, I still was working toward skill based goals in Eve.  Even when I was busy in RL, I could still manage a few minutes to requeue skills, manage market orders, etc. and feel like I’m still participating.

With Eve, there is always something else.  With two accounts, you can square that, so there are probably at least four other things I need to focus on as well.  I got my miner Hulk-capable, then opted for a Covetor to conserve isk.

On a parallel path, I had developed my Drake capable combat pilot to be the hauler extraordinaire getting him to Iteron V capability and able to haul more than a jet can in each load.  My hair brained scheme was that I’d get his mining skills up so he could use a hand me down covetor when I upgraded to a Hulk so I could tag team massive amounts of ore.

The fly in the ointment was that I had neglected my mission running (especially on my minor) so when it came to refining, taxes were taking a bite when I had to refine.  Kernite, when it is flowing is by far the best option for making money, but in the absence of the rocks or market movement, lowly veldspar and its tritanium yield has proven to be the best isk/m3 option in my portion of high sec space.

Improving faction became my goal and that meant mission running as well as some social skills.  Be it ever so with Eve, a side track becomes its own goal.  In my case, I saw that I could get my miner into a Drake battlecruiser and start tag teaming missions with my combat pilot.

I hopped on today just to check on progress and see if there was any kernite in my local system to be found.  Alas there was none.  Scarcely even any other rock to be found.  So I thought, what the heck, I’ll run some missions, but I really didn’t want to run anything with my miner in a destroyer.

The miner’s skills had caught up to the point where he could capably pilot a drake.  A quick search of the market, a few key purchases and voila, I’m the proud admiral of a fleet of two Drakes.

Two Drakes make quite a few missions fairly trivial, but I still need faction on both pilots, so I figured at worst it would be a learning experience of how to fly them both in combat.  Of course, the first mission I pulled took place in a room with some of the most massive veldspar asteroids I’d seen.  Seemed a shame to leave them.

It took me quite a while to clear the room of roids (maybe 3 jet cans worth).  Not a bad haul when you don’t have to compete against other miners.  There were even a few respawns that prompted me to bug out and go get a Drake to clean up the room again but I managed to mine out the room with little additional drama.

I pulled a few more missions and a couple of them had some too tempting mining opportunities in them.  Not being that much of a mission runner before, I gotta say the combined mission/mining ops is a satisfying way to play.  Often ores not usually found in a particular area spawn (such as Omber or Plagioclase in Amarr space).

As my faction has risen and the level of the missions I’m able to run has increased, the rewards both from the missions and the incidental mining are less than trivial.  Being able to combine modalities of gameplay suits my gameplay style well.

Eve seems to be making a pretty strong case to be my 2d MMO which means I suspect I’ll let EQ2 go by the wayside for a while.  There is just something about Eve in the wintertime that fits.

6 thoughts on “Dueling Drakes”

  1. Ditto on the mission mining. It can far and away outstrip some of the other options for actually getting ore, especially in high-sec areas. Some of the best for ore are:
    Smuggler Interception
    Unauthorized Military Presence
    Break Their Will
    Enemies Abound

  2. Only 3 jetcans?
    Last night I got Blockade (Level 3, Angel). It has 118 veldspar asteroids in it. The other miners I know were 12 jumps away or at least one of them would have joined. As it was I managed to:
    a) Do the mission
    b) Salvage the mission
    c) Mine a crap load of veldspar (about 3/5 of it)
    d) Get it all to my main station (thank you Itty 5 capable alt)
    e) Get the hulk back to it’s normal station
    f) Make it back in time for the time bonus (30min left out of 6h 30min)
    But that was a solid 5h of mining with my alt hauling. Total take (with perfect refines) was 8107000 Tritanium. Since trit CAN sell at 4 isk a trit this represents over 32mil isk plus another 7-8 for the bounties/loot/salvage/mission rewards.
    I’m going over there to melt into a puddle now…

  3. 118 roids is a lot of mining. Wilhelm and Gaff have pulled me into some of their level IV mission spaces to help with the mining. I’m not to Level IV yet, but I recall three (all two boxing) taking quite a while to clear some of those spaces.

    I spent quite a while post mission mining but no where near 5 hours worth :D.

    Despite the uncontested nature of the space, my handy dandy spreadsheet told me that it probably wasn’t that lucrative (isk/m3) to mine much other than the gingantic veldspar roids and plag. The room had quite a bit of pyrox which is cheap and plentiful in the systems I usually haunt.

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