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Gobble gobble.

The long Thanksgiving weekend saw no shortage of gaming.  No travel and a relatively low key holiday meant there was some time to sample all that was new this month.

Wrath of the Lich King

So far, the expansion has delivered and reignited my interest in WoW.  I note that Keen recently resubbed and this post pretty much sums up my experience with TBC.  As a matter of fact, having Outland to slog through is the reason I’m not playing a Death Knight right now.

I did manage to grit my teeth and recently get my hunter into Northrend.  Having a solo character (as opposed to my static group toon which we try to keep in synch with the group) is a great boon to explore, reconnoiter and generally see another aspect of the game without fear of level creep.  I’ve been working on getting fishing up to snuff and running through the quest lines in both Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra.  After this weekend, he sits just shy of 71 (having hit Northrend at 68).


Spent sometime in Norrath working on my arasai bruiser.  The leveling curve is frighteningly shallow now and I’m considering doing a little two boxing with my wife’s account.  Her RL project has taken priority over our group activities, so I didn’t spend too much time in game overall.


I haven’t been actively playing LotRO in quite a while, but the recent Moria expansion has me intrigued even though I have no characters near the level cap.  I haven’t bought the expansion yet, but I did manage to clear on character slot (only 5 allowed pre-expansion!) and toyed with the idea of rolling a Warden or Rune Keeper.

Of course, not having been on in a while meant a big patch job.  The other thing I was interested in was whether the game’s performance has improved any.  Despite having more than adequate hardware, it still tends to be hitchy and laggy.  After finding a few video voodoo resources with tips to reduce hitching, etc. I did get some significant improvement though I’m still hard pressed to get the framerate consistently north of the thirties in town.

Nothing accomplished other than checking in, but now that I’m patched, I may venture forth a bit.  I still enjoy the environment and look forward to seeing the game evolve.

Eve Online

Eve took a backseat to WoW and EQ2 recently but managed to make a resurgence this weekend.  I’m making steady progress toward my modest goals and though I hadn’t been in game in a bit other than to queue skills, it didn’t feel like I was picking it back up cold.

Warming up the mining lasers and digging out the spreadsheets felt comfortable and familiar.  And Eve is the game you can play when you’re not playing it…

I really am a two MMO max kind of guy, so I’m not quite sure what I’ll do at this point.  WoW is certainly at the forefront because of the group’s ongoing activity.  I suspect that I’ll keep Eve going since its one of those things I can do on a laptop sitting on the couch when I don’t feel like diving into WoW or EQ2.

So many games, so little time…

7 thoughts on “MMO Stuffing”

  1. As my pingback there alludes to, I’m currently just getting started with the Two-Game life myself. For me WoW and WAR make an excellent pairing right now. I think for a long time WAR will be my main PvP game, with WoW as my fallback nostalgia driven PvE game.

  2. The hitching (Turbine calls it “stuttering”) isn’t a video issue per se, it’s because it’s loading textures, etc. off your hard drive. Kinda like the “lag” we used to see as we flew into Ironforge in WoW, all those players and their gear had to be loaded in. If you continue running through Bree, your performance increases once everyone’s loaded in, compared to your first time through a given street right?

    They claim Moria uses an asynchronous loading scheme to help but I just think that’s an area they need to concentrate on updating with their engine. Anyway, the loading from hard drives is really my only technical issue with the game. That aside, I’ve been having an absolute blast, and Moria itself is an amazing design achievement. It’s something you have to be in to appreciate, screenshots don’t even come close to portraying its scale.

  3. @Talyn: That’s pretty much the problem. I’ve found a few threads that offer tweaks which helps somewhat. Outside its not that big of a deal, but in crowded town spaces its still frustrating.

    I am looking forward to Moria, but the time is not right. LotRO is very soloable for the most part, but its much more fun with a regular cast of characters. Hoping I can convince a few folks to return in the near future.

    @JoBildo: I’ve always been a multigamer, but I’ve never been able to sustain and maintain anything like a normal existence with more than 2 MMOs. Part of immersion is being there to simply see what there is to see (of which the explorer part of me enjoys) and there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

  4. It’s too bad you’re not on Arkenstone… I’m concentrating on my high-levels right now but I’ll be making a Warden at some point in the coming months and have a good base of people with whom to group with.

  5. I’m thinking of doing EVE again in 2009 because it is or can be sublimely casual, plus the train when you aint even playin part. I’ve had a wish for all of my MMOs to do something that can be done offline like … Oops, sorry gonna post about it myself. *snicker* Short on time and ideas this week.

  6. I am really enjoying playing LOTRO MOM (which I feel is excellent) and EVE concurrently. Some days i feel like pew pew and spaceships, other days I am into roaming around Middle Earth. It is so nice to have options!

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