Alt-itis being what it is, I’m still exploring races and classes in EQ2.  Since a few of us jumped back into EQ2 on the evil side, I’ve rolled a dark elf shadowknight, a ratonga coercer, an ogre berserker and now an arasai bruiser.

We seem to have a defacto trinity rolling and I guess I ended up in the tank roll which is a nice diversion from my usual healer duties.  With the forgiving leveling curve now in the low levels, the cost of switching or rerolling and catching up is minimal.

As a result, I’ve been diligently working on my arasai bruiser which satisfies my sense of comic irony.  As I mentioned to Wilhelm last night, “Nothing says ‘Fantasy’ like an evil ninja fairy riding around on a bear.”  To which he replied, “you mean an evil EMO ninja fairy riding around on a bear.”  Touche.

So, among bouts of pie baking and laundry, I managed to get him to level 20 so he can use his dire bear mount that came with the TSO expansion.  Without further adieu, I give you Bearasai:

We are building a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude
We are building a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude

Silly indeed, but fun nonetheless.  Now if I could only use the fae glide with the bear, I’d give a whole new meaning to the phrase “a bear in the air“.

5 thoughts on “Bearasai”

  1. So it must not be very hard to start over in EQ2. Is the leveling pretty quick these days? I’ve often thought about restarting my old EQ2 account, but fear I would be so behind that catching up with be pointless. Plus finding a good guild was always a trouble spot in EQ2.

  2. Leveling is pretty fast in the low levels. By the time I got around to putting this post up, I had put on two more levels. Seriously, just following my nose and the goading of a few friends has been enough to progress me along.

    I’ve mostly been solo or static grouped with my wife and Wilhelm. The last random 2 hour session we did probably got us the better part of two levels without much trying (in the low 20s).

    With a mature population, we are currently the beneficiaries of inflation– we sell at inflated prices and tend to rely on drops or crafted items for gear, so money isn’t that tight either.

    Given we’re chasing the armor quests, we’ve outleveled dozens if not hundreds of quests in the Commonlands and Freeport already and are moving on to Nektulos forest. There is some fear that when we actually complete the armor quests, we’ll be ready to replace the gear again! Fortunately, even the grey quests still give AA experience, so there is a reason to complete if you have the inclination.

    The key to any game is having friends in the game. Even if not at your level, just having the connection with someone you can ask questions, etc. can make the difference. Especially in a game like EQ2 where there are a lot of “nonobivous” answers to things.

  3. I was actually looking for the new expansion today, but was unsuccessful at obtaining a copy, which completely bummed me out. I saw copies of Conan, WoTLK, Tabula Rasa, and Warhammer. I even spotted an anniversary issue of EQ, but no EQ2’s or any of the expansions. I think i tried three stores with no luck.

    Tomorrow I will try Best buy who’s website claims to have copies at my local story, but I’ll find out for sure tomorrow.

    The trick is finding a good guild or group of friends to play with. I’m going to try an old guild my buddy is in and see if i can get things going there. Otherwise, i might have to check with people in Casualties for leads to good guilds and servers.

    I actually did rather well selling back in the day. I managed to acquire around 3 or 4 plat by the time I left the game 3 or 4 yrs ago, so I’m sure I can gather enough money if push comes to shove. The EQ2 economy is easier to manage than the WoW and its constant ups and downs.

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