Race of the Lich King

Seems the Race of the Lich King was in full swing this weekend.  Ordinarily, you’d hear through blogs and chat rumors and such that “a dude [somewhere] hit 80 in [some almost unbelievably small number of] hours by [utilizing some technique the speaker scorns]”.

With WoW’s new Achievement system, all those firsts (by realm anyway) are now broadcast.


Go Brick.

… and Cabby,


…and Dado,


… and Baklaka.  Looks like Dado got snookered on his class first.

Saturday seems to have been the day for the casual power levelers to be out in force.

Not to be outdone, I was engaged in my own race.  In my case, a race to the start.  In the case of my hunter, that means to level 68 so he can begin questing in Northrend.

I honestly hadn’t “power leveled” a toon (certainly not at this level) in quite some time.  Keep in mind, “power leveling” as applied to me and my ilk is probably quite unrecognizable compared to the efforts of Brick, Cabby, Dado and Baklaka.

Nonetheless, I felt like I was in a speeded up film version of TBC with the Zones of Outland whizzing by.  I spent Friday evening in Terrokar and Nagrand.  After all but the last of the Nesingwary quests, I’m starting to agree with D.E.T.H.A’s perspective…

Saturday I wrapped up Nagrand, switched to Blade’s Edge Mountains until I was able to get to Netherstorm when I finally ran out of rested XP just into level 67 (starting well into 64 on Friday).

I’ve gotta say, even though I don’t really like Outland (what I jeeringly refer to as the Land of the Flying Space Monkeys), there is a pile of content.  Some more and some less inspired, and most of which anyone racing to the “finish” is bound to skip completely.

Sad really because no doubt so much work went into it.  I wish WoW had three things that EQ2 has– some alternate AA-type achievement system, the ability to shut off normal XP, and the ability to down level or down mentor.

Add those three things, and I would no doubt spend a goodly portion of time in game exploring and experiencing content as it was intended, at-level (or at least, down levelled) and I’d be much more likely to pug up for lower level group quests if there were an alternate progression mechanic that rewarded doing that.

Instead, bored with the Land of the Flying Space Monkeys, I’m racing at breakneck speed so I can explore and enjoy Northrend as intended.

What little exploring I’ve been able to do with our instance group and otherwise since Thursday leaves me impressed.  I guess I’m old school, but everything I’ve seen screams “place”.  As in a unified sense of a virtual world done in seemless Blizzard fashion.

Aside from a couple jarring environmental transitions (i.e. heavy snow to verdant boreal forest without much transition), the world seems beautifully done.  Call me old school, but this is really what I expected WoW’s first expansion to look like.

4 thoughts on “Race of the Lich King”

  1. I’m pretty bummed that WoW is the game that it is because their world and gameplay was always so top notch. I’m bitter because of the horrible position that I’m in. On one hand I want to try WotLK because I’m sure it’s awesome but on the other hand I know I would have buyers remorse within a day because of what the core of the game would do to my overall impression of it.

    That achievement system being broadcast is really cool though. I think that WoW is making good use of the ideas and hopefully provides the players with fantastic polish once again.

    btw, If you can, I’d love to see screenshots of the game during your adventures.

  2. Screen shots should be showing up soon. Wilhelm at tagn.wordpress.com will continue to chronicle our Saturday group efforts and was taking some this weekend.

    I’ll do so as well when I get my solo guy there. The irony is that the Norse themed world in WoW reminds me quite a bit of the best PvE portions of WAR. I had very little enthusiasm for this expansion, but I’m getting a much better feeling about it that I ever did about TBC. I guess we’ll see. Stay tuned.

  3. At 65 I was able to explore much of the open world content (getting a ton of discovery xp) as well as able to kill plenty of the 69 – 71 lvl mobs around the towns. It is nice to know that the quests start at 68 as me and my new pet Rhino are almost there.

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