Getting out of WAR

I’m done. Its just not doing it for me. There’s the core of a great game in there somewhere, but somewhere between the beta and release, it got lost.

The reason I went to WAR was to engage in open RvR. War is everywhere. Except its not.

Scenarios, in and of themselves, are not solely to blame. In my opinion, and its only my opinion, the game lacks the overall balance sufficient to make it compelling for a wide audience.

The open RvR, when it happens, has been some of the most fun I’ve had in an MMO to date. The main problem is it just doesn’t happen enough or perform well enough and mean enough when it does happen.

I’ll probably check back in a bit to see how things evolve, but at the moment, its just not a great fit.

24 thoughts on “Getting out of WAR”

  1. Well… I’m not sure I could get the rest of the group to go back to Age of Kings…. but, Eve rolls on, WoW remains, LotRO hovers and EQ2 beckons.

    I don’t think I’ll be wanting for places to spend my time. WoW is the lowest common denominator for the instance group, so that’s a no brainer until we find a 2d or complete alternative game for group fun.

  2. Let me know man, I’ve got plenty of new friends I’ve met in LOTRO but I would love to hook up in an MMO with cool bloggers since CoW was the main reason I tried WAR to begin with, and it didn’t do it for me either.

    In the meantime we STILL haven’t done Crackdown or Gears of War yet!

  3. Lol. Me too. Nevertheless, your last sentence is true!

    Seriously though, (and I hope I’m not violating any kind of super secret NDA that they snuck into the guild site), the various suggestions there for a “Casualties of XX” in other games would be pretty phenomenal.

    LotRO for one in particular with the challenges in finding folks at the same stage of the epic storyline quests, etc. Moria is on the horizon though…

  4. I can only speak for my server in LOTRO but there are players doing those Book quests every day, at every level range. And I’m on what’s considered a low(er)-population server.

    Moria might make the current Eriador game a little sparse for awhile. Then again, it will bring a lot of returning (and new) players who never made it out of the 20’s or 30’s a year ago when there was a gap in the content, which has been more than adequately filled for quite some time.

  5. Just a note, we are going to make Casualties a multi-gaming guild. That’s been the intention since the formation. :)

    So stay tuned. We really want to focus on WAR until the new year though. Make sure we’re established there before splitting the forums up more and organizing other guilds elsewhere.

  6. You really nailed what has quickly become the most frustrating thing about WAR. The tools are there to have fun–but no one seems to be using them, rendering the two most fun aspects of the game IMHO–RvR and PQs–largely inaccessible 75% of the time I’m online.

    The thing I don’t get is, if people wanted instanced scenarios and scripted PvE boss encounters (which is all RvR is when no one’s participating) why did they even bother with WAR when those options have been available to us already for years?

  7. BTW, your pic of what I’m assuming is American forces leaving Saigon has me LMFAO. Not that there’s anything particularly comedic about Vietnam–or any war in general, obviously. But there’s something about the pic coupled with the subject of your blog post that’s appealing to my dry dry dry sense of humor this early in the morning.

  8. Potshot was just throwing us old guys a bone with that picture.

    @Bildo: Will just “Casualties” be the be the guild “branding?” I think that making a guild called Casualties or WAR in another game might be a little too ironic even for me.

    Okay, not too ironic for me, but for some.

  9. Perhaps other chapters should be “Refugees of WAR”? “Displaced Persons of…”

    (hold all Tom Petty comments please– now try to stop that music in your head)

    Indeed, I wasn’t sure that too many would actually recognize the iconic last huey out of Saigon picture, but somehow it seemed apropos for probably every reason you could think of.

  10. Or just go with the name “Drifters” as that seems to sum up many of our gaming habits, mine included. :)

    I’ll be sticking with WAR a bit longer. I too am not thrilled about some aspects of the game but Mythic does seem to be working the problem(s). The Witcher event was pretty successful on my server (and I’m playing in Tier 2, I can’t imagine how crazy 3 is). A couple times this weekend, I logged in and got to do some large-scale fighting in Chaos lands. Mythic seems to be getting the picture but they’ll need to come up with some long-term incentives to keep the ball rolling.

    There are many barriers to separate players in the game (geography, tiers, levels, etc) that, when combined with the hit-or-miss possibilities of PvP, make keeping a scheduled play group difficult.

  11. I hate to see you go p0tsh0t. I am not quite ready to give up yet. The scenerios are fun for me, but I do realize they will not hold my attention for a long period of time. I have hopes that Mythic will fix some of the issues crippling WAR’s Open RVR. You said it yourself, when Open RVR does happen it is an absolute blast. Mythic knows this is their bread and butter and will take steps to improve it. The server consolidations have helped for me and once more people hit T4 Open RVR will be the focus of many. There are steps Mythic can take to help the population not feal so segregated or at least allow them to get through the lull. I make some of those points at Improve Warhammer

  12. Ooops, I’m late to answer.

    Casualties will be the main “brand” of the guild when it evolves into multi-gaming.

    EQ2 = Casualties of Norrath
    WoW = Casualties of Azeroth
    SW:ToR = Casualties of the Force

    And so on and so forth.

  13. I still think the few of us remaining should gang up in Hellgate: London over its final few months to bid the game adieu before the lights go out in London on February 1…

    Casualties of Hell?
    Casualties of Roper? hahahaha!

  14. Hrmm… since I’m not playing WAR, my character was removed from the in-game roster, perfectly understandable and expected, but I was also kicked from the member roster on the forums as well. Glad to see the CoWs treat their donors so well. That one goes in the Book of Grudges.

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