My Reputation Recedes Me

I haven’t posted anything Eve-related this week, not because I haven’t been playing.  I certainly have, just nothing too exciting or eventful.  Nonetheless, its still been engaging.

With the kernite market still a bit iffy, (seems to be moving, but now kernite is getting hard to find), I’ve slowed down mining a bit.  If the ore is not the prime isk generator, then one is left with refining and selling the minerals which is a fine and noble profession.  However, in my reckless pursuit of all things ship related, I’ve neglected my refining skills on my miner.

So, over the last week or so, I managed to get my refining and refinery efficiency up to the point where with 2s or 3s in any specialized ore refining skill, I’m theoretically at 100% efficiency when refining at at 50% station.  Halada once again answers all things miner.

So, in theory I can now squeeze every last isk out of my mining efforts at most stations.  Except for taxes.  Tax rates at stations depend on your standing with the NPC faction owning the station where you refine.  You start at 5.0%.  With everything I’ve done as a carebear miner, until this last week, I had managed to reduce that all the way to 4.96%.  Oop.

So, maybe time to work on my standings with the old Amarr Navy which runs the station I usually call home.  The easiest way to increase your standing is to run mission for an agent for that faction.  Enter Wilhelm’s post on how to find an agent in Eve.

Of course, having identified an agent not too far away from home base meant that I’d need to fit out a ship to run those missions which usually have some kind of combat component to them.  Being a complete foreigner to Amarr space, that meant level one missions (I’m am training up my social and connections, but I’m not quite there yet, so I’m still stuck with low quality agents and Level 1 missions).  Quite frankly, I could use the combat practice anyway.  So I bought and fitted out a frigate and then shortly thereafter the Caldari Destroyer, Cormorant.  Not so much to look at, but with seven 125mm railguns, L1 missions are not too dangerous as long as you stay at optimum range.

So, I’ve been dutifully running missions in my Cormorant.  I’ve learned a few things:

1.  Apparently you can run all Level 1 ships in a Destroyer.
2.  If you form a fleet with a buddy, you can share the rewards with them even if they never leave the station.
3.  Even if you are doing “lowbie” stuff, you probably still dont have all the skills you need.
4.  Lowbie ships can be pretty bad ass with the right skills.

As expected the missions haven’t been too challenging and with two accounts, its nice to be able to progress them both along with really only having to fly one ship.  I’m not sure I’m ready for hands on two ship combat yet.

Still progress is being made, and my tax rate is slowly decreasing and I’m gaining combat experience.  Another plus is that it forces me to visit systems that I might not otherwise visit which can reveal new mining and market opportunities too.

As my rep increases, the level of missions will increase and the quality of agents available to me will also increase, so I’m sure that will accelerate.  And who knows, by the time I get my tax rate down, I might actually have all the combat skills I need to be flying a fleet of Drakes!

2 thoughts on “My Reputation Recedes Me”

  1. I’m greedy. I’ll fly a mission with my alt in tow, but then turn it in only for my main, so he gets builds standing.

    And never underestimate the tanking ability of a well equipped drake flown by a well skilled pilot.

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