Hard Times

15 Oct

As goes the global economic meltdown, so goes the kernite market.  After months of irrational exhuberance, the market has slowed down and with it, my flow of easy ISK.  An unfortunate series of events which will no doubt correct itself over time, but inopportune as I recently completed all my training for my Hulk and I’m still broke.

Hulk is the goal, but I decided I needed a better means to an end, so I decided to take the baby step to a Covetor in order to ramp up my earning potential more quickly.  According to Halada’s mining guide, the Covetor (with its three slots for strip miners versus two for the retriever) represents a 54% increase in output over the Retriever and only costs around 20 million ISK versus around 100 million for the Hulk.  Added bonus: platinum insurance will actually replace the full value of the Covetor.

Mining in high sec as I do, I don’t mind the fragility of the Covetor and it has a nicely increased hauling capacity over the Retriever as well.  When I can afford the Hulk (which should be at least 54% sooner now…) I’ll either sell the Covetor or get my combat pilot trained to fly it and then I can watch the rock fly in.

In the meantime, I decided to throw my mining ops into overdrive.  I’ve been lazy mining with the Retriever and my newly acquired Iteron Mark V (which holds more than a jet can now).  Where I’ve been mining, belt rats are only a minor annoyance and (knock tritanium) I’ve neither seen nor heard of can flipping.  So, I’ve decided to pull my venerable Osprey out of moth balls with its 3 miner IIs and 2 MLU Is (and the associated cruiser skill bonuses etc.) to contribute to the effort.

I got a few runs in last night and I’ve got to say that the wee Osprey still holds its own.  Anything is better than nothing, and the Osprey is a damned sight better than sitting parked with a Miner II on the Itty V.  The 60 second cycles and small capacity make it a bit over active, but these are hard times and every bit helps.  Filling a jet can is pretty darned fast now, I must say.

And now that kernite is less lucrative, I’ve found that my neglect of reprocessing skills is starting to cost me.  Now that ship skills are in the can, I’m getting his refining efficiency caught up and will ultimately have to work on faction with my station to reduce my taxes.

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