Time Is UP!

Well, my long wait is over.  MINING BARGE V completed.  Waiting for Level V skill completion in Eve is like, well, waiting for something that takes a very long time to complete.  Sweet sweet though it is.  Like waiting for 14 year old scotch.  In this case, over 24 days since I first blogged about it and ultimately longer since I first embarked on the path.

Mining Barge V is the skill needed to fly a Hulk, the largest and most efficient mining ship available in Eve.

The Hulk is the largest craft in the second generation of mining vessels created by the ORE Syndicate. Exhumers, like their mining barge cousins, are equipped with electronic subsystems specifically designed to accommodate Strip Mining modules. They are also far more resilient, better able to handle the dangers of deep space. The Hulk is, bar none, the most efficient mining vessel available.

Drool.  Being a perpetual Eve noob, I wasn’t sure I was ever going to get to the top of the tree in anything, even something as pedestrian as mining.  Still the Hulk will be my ticket to the big ISK.  Or so I’m hoping.

While I was waiting for Mining Barge V to complete, I also managed to get my other character skilled to fly an Iteron V hauler into which you can stuff an entire jet can’s worth of stuff when properly skilled, fitted and rigged.  Go me.

Just one wee problem.  Since I queued these skills, I’ve gotten sucked into WAR and unlike my more disciplined corp mates (ahem Wilhelm ahem Gaff ahem) I’ve not been prudent and gathered the ISK necessary for the ship upgrade.  I don’t suspect it will take so long to raise the approximate $100 million ISK plus fittings and insurance, but not having One Billion isk in the bank, I’ll have to hit the belts to get the kernite flowing again.  So it will take while before I can let the big dog eat.  But now I have no excuse not to go get that ISK!

11 thoughts on “Time Is UP!”

  1. Man I just don’t know how you guys can do mining. lol ;)

    Right now I’m about an hour away from finally getting my cruiser skill to level 2 so I can finally fly something other than my Tristan. Definately something to be said about a well fitted Tristan though. hehe

  2. Well, I think Gaff is still a bit short on the ISK front for his Hulk as well.

    Hrmm, maybe I should open up an EVE pawn broker service. Is usury in an online game a sin?

  3. You still need to get to Exhumer skill 3 to fly the mighty hulk. Not to mention t2 strips, and the crystals to fit to the t2 strips… oh lots of fun in the mining field!

  4. @phoe: Technically correct, but finishing Exhumers I-III is only slightly more than 24 hours total for me which is nearly up even as I write. I’ve got T2 strips done already, but possibilities abound.

  5. Congratulations on Mining Barge V. That’s one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, milestones for a miner. And yeah, Exhumers I-III is nothing compared to the wait for Barge V. :)

    I’ve been peering at Exhumers V but I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon, unless CCP gives me an incentive for it (bigger, better, stronger mining ship).

    Currently training for Iteron V myself… and big mama Obelisk coming right up after that ;)

  6. Congratulations. My miner just finished Refinery Efficiency V and is now training for Metallurgy V to get Scrapmetal Processing. After all, the best mining ship in the game is the CNR. ;-)

  7. I have the money!

    I will have a Hulk too!

    And I do other stuff while I’m mining…it is efficient because I don’t have to pay full attention to do it well.

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