Paying Attention…

As noted before, doing scenarios in WAR is one of the fastest ways to gain experience while at the same time earning some gold and more importantly, gaining renown which gives you access to renown gear sold from renown gear merchants.

While I’m sure there are plenty of random drops that might be better, etc. (insert your own discussion regarding renown v. influence v. random/quest loot itemization here), the renown gear is at least more certain to come by, affordable and IMHO pretty darned nice over all.

Of course, that only applies when you can actually purchase the gear.  In Nordland where I’ve been playing my tank and healer to help out the understaffed Empire, there are two renown merchants at the Breuer’s Regiment warcamp.  I guess I never really gave it much thought why there were two…

Bountyman Lipschultz and his colleague a few feet away:

I’ve been playing a few different alts through these scenarios which pop pretty frequently on the Order side, so leveling is quick and sometimes there’s hardly any time to turn in the scenario and kill quests nearby.  So when I’ve been hitting the next renown or regular rank, I tend to run down to a nearby carear trainer and the quickly back to pick up the new scenario quest and oh yeah, find the nearest renown merchant to see if I’m up for new gear.

Long story short, I’m fumbling my way through scenarios and realized I’m starting to get undergeared and wondering when that next tier of armor becomes available… Check with Lipschultz and I got nothing.  Nothing even in the near future.  Damn, must be in the next tier then.

So I run around a bit, then I happen upon the Chapter 3 influence rewards which would be a good upgrade.  Ok, I’ll grind that a bit and get my upgrade.  For whatever reason, I had some crap to sell, so I clicked on Cohen, whom I seldom visit because she’s all of two more steps away from her colleague (time is renown, my friends) and woe is me, she has all the damned armor rewards. /facepalm

How I could have overlooked this, I have no idea.  To much back and forth in and out of scenarios not paying attention.  Of course, it would have been a bit easier for dumbshits like myself to simply label the two vendors “Renown Weapons Merchant” and “Renown Armor Merchant” (especially since the one renown vendor in Grimmenhagen sells both…), but ultimately, it was me being a stoop.

Knowledge in hand, now all my alts are appropriately equiped…

4 thoughts on “Paying Attention…”

  1. Hey look at the bright side- 3 years from now, when you’re a WAR veteran reminiscing about old times, you’ll be able to look back at this post and laugh with your friends about back when you were noobs and didn’t know anything about the game :)

    Back when I started WoW I didn’t keep a blog so I don’t remember all the noob things I did :(
    One thing I do remember – running with my friends while talking over Skype, soon after we started playing WoW together. They are complaining about having to press the forward arrow all the time in order to run… I’m like “huh? You don’t know about the NUM-LOCK key?! ROFL” :)

  2. Hey man, all I can say is your correct. The gear you are getting is great. There are some nice drops from PQs if you come in first and the dice roll your way but renown gear is certainly one of the better way of gearing.

  3. @solidd: Yup. That’s part of what makes a new game fun. If wetware problems are most of what you’re reading about, then the game must be doing something right.

    @Tom: Totally agree. Several of us were in that tween age between T1-T2 so we did a couple of the PQs in Troll Country. The PQ stuff just wasn’t up to snuff– mostly equal to gear we had. The T2 renown stuff (which we still have to earn into) would be amost a 50% improvement over the T1 it seems.

    Most of my toons are X rank/X renown or maybe X rank/X-1 renown for that reason. With Order scenarios popping like popcorn all the time, its not too hard to do.

  4. Hehe, no worries.

    I first rolled a character in WoW a long time ago. I did my usual reaction to being in an MMO (“SQUEEE! Look! There’s grass and trees and other players and things to kill!”) So I ran around helter-skelter doing whatever impulse dictated at the time.

    59 levels and several months later, I returned to the starter area as part of my level 60 victory lap when I noticed the guy you first meet in the area still had a little greyed-out ring over his head. He wanted me to kill plainstriders for bird parts. In my excitement at being in a new MMO, I must have run right past the guy they put smack in front of you to give you your first quest.

    /shrug, it happens. :)

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