Life During WARtime

…or the Fall and Rise of the Empire.

Its not just the U.S. economy thats falling on hard times.  The Empire’s got it bad.

I spent a few hours in WAR with my Iron Breaker doing all kinds of things, including some Open world RvR (and taking names btw).  Four of us even ran off and captured a battlefield objective.

Anyway, Mars might need women, but Order needs tanks.

Here’s a typical Nordenwatch scenario group:

Two Witch Hunters and three Bright Wizards.  Of course things got better on the next draw.

Two Witch Hunters, two Bright Wizards and one (!) Rune Priest.  Huzzah!

Amazingly enough, Order won more than we lost last night including a few amazing come from behind victories.  I’ve learned not to requeue right away for these scenarios or I WONT HAVE TIME BETWEEN THEM TO TURN IN THE SCENARIO QUEST or even think about taking a bio.  Yes, its the Somme for Order and no rest for the wicked. Non stop action for as long as you can stand it.  No, really.

The upside is that I think I’m starting to see the RvR experience differential showing up.  I don’t know what Destruction queue times are like on Averheim, but with the short queue times for Order, I’m starting to see peeps “get it” and be able to push back the tide of Destruction even with groups like you see above.

While I’d love to see more tanks and healers (same as it ever was), WAR on the Order side is like riding a gravy train on biscuit wheels if you’re looking for scenario action.

7 thoughts on “Life During WARtime”

  1. Why can’t I get into scenarios like that? Every time I queue up for Nordenwatch there are a bunch of Ironbreakers, Rune Priests and Warrior Priests. You know how tough that is on a Witch Elf?

    Yeah, people like doing DPS, no one (talking about the general masses) wants to play roles that involve any sort of responsibility that can’t be pawned off on someone else (“hey, the tank lost agro!” vs. “oops, I didn’t fire my threat reducer”).

  2. Over the last few days I have watched order go from getting rolled constantly to rarely using on my server. There aren’t that many of us playing, but we are getting a ton of experience in.

  3. @Smaken: To be fair, I’m playing pacific time, and in this case the later portion of the evening when hopefully responsible peoples like yourself back east [should] have gone to bed…

    I assume you’re talking about Thorgrim? Maybe Averheim needs an Order recruiting drive like the Destro-CoWs have running.

  4. Yes, something has happened over the last day or two. I think in the last two nights The Empire has gone 15-5 in Nordenwatch when I have been playing, with a few of those ending up as stomp fest battles at the Destruction spawn point.

    I think the core Destruction players, those people from beta, the ranks of level 10 and 11 Chosen and such, have graduated up to the next set of scenarios and now it is live noob on noob action in Nordenwatch. And when it is a zerg fest like that, the group heavy on DPS might carry the day.

  5. I’ve noticed that the lack of tanks is causing a lot of problems for Order on my server as well. Yesterday I ran about 6 scenarios and lost all but 1. And by lost, I mean is was just a complete and under beat down. Like enough that my poor Shadow Warrior may have to go see a Psychologist for awhile.

    I typically like playing defense so I stuck around the Dancing flag. What I noticed was a couple Black Orcs would come in to our flag and just stop everyone. We just couldn’t DPS fast enough to kill them. Most of the time they had a couple healers on their tails and that made matters worse.

    Order definately needs some more tanks!

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