24 More Days

Mining Barge V.  24 Days.

For the uninitiated, I just started training Mining Barge V in Eve Online after completing Astrogeology V.  And yes, it will take just over 24 days of real time to complete the training.

Just over 3 weeks until I’m Hulk compliant.  People who don’t play Eve must think we’re completely nuts.  Astrogeology V and Mining Barge V were a total of something like 44 days of training in total.  Sure you can reduce that somewhat with expensive implants and/or improving learning skills (which of course take time and ISK), but its never going to go from 30 days to train a level V skill to 15 minutes….

A very interesting progression rip tide I’m feeling right now.  I’m playing the Warhammer Online open beta and even though the leveling in WAR is slower than WoW (I think I’ve gotten a new toon to L20 in WoW in under 4 hours /played, and that was before the xp nerfs), it still takes some time.  Granted its “less efficient” the first few times through and you learn the map and where quest givers and objectives are and the relative contribution of RvR to leveling, etc.

But still, I think my highest level in WAR is something like L6 ish since I’ve been trying out factions and classes with a view to what I’d like to play on release.  I think he’s got under 3 hours /played maybe.  I’m genuinely having fun exploring and getting to the next ding whether it be experience level, influence level or renown level (effectively, three different measures of advancement in WAR).  So EASK am I that leveling to see what new abilities become available count as Exploration in my book.

So three hours played and getting six levels feels a bit slower than WoW.  All that, however, is a blink of the eye in Eve’s geologic time scale.  And yet, I’m also getting excited about having ONLY 24 more days to go until I can fly an exhumer class ship (such as a Hulk).

Someone who was more time and sociological background that me should figure out how both of those progression scenarios can capture the same person’s attention at the same time and be equally satisfying.  Or, provide me a referral to a nearby electro shock clinic.

Commitment for commitment’s sake is meaningless.  Time = skill.  But still, there is an element of “discovery” or uniqueness that inures to those who endure the tortures of the damned or the infinite sands of time to reach a goal, even if that goal is largely a function of time.  Roll file footage of the Mithril Order Quests in WoW.

Peeps say it only takes time in WoW to get to L70, it only takes time to train skills in Eve (you don’t even need to log in), but there is some neural path that gets tweaked that is the same path that the ADHD progression model in MMOs also tweaks.  And, if it was just that simple, everyone would do it.

Despite marketers’ best efforts at convincing us that we DESERVE it now, and that immediate gratification is a birthright in a first world economy, there are still nonnegotiable, immovable, static set in stone “progression” events in our lives that we continue to look forward to with giddy childlike anticipation– the start (and finish) of your favorite sports or arts events season, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

No point here other than that I marvel that a person who can be addicted to the ding and mini-ding can still get excited about reaching a milestone in a computer game that is nearly a month away.  I suspect that Eve knows something about us that we don’t.

3 thoughts on “24 More Days”

  1. I agree – there’s something so compelling about the EVE dings that even when I’ve barely had time to log on and run a few missions, I still get immense satisfaction from planning on EVE Mon,and dinging through skills towards a goal. I’m ploughing through Battleships V at the moment, some 15 days to go, and have been fairly uninspired to play perhaps because I haven’t had any dings recently.

    Your suggestion that there’s a psychological link to what must be the Ding sites in our brains, that carries across different MMOs must have some groundings. But not just MMOs of course – its the same thing that drives obsessive collecting of Xbox achieveent points and the like!

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