Wow.  Been a bit busy of late, so nothing much to write about.

Eve Endures

I continue to make progress in Eve, though I knew I’d be hitting a busy spot IRL, so I have queued a bunch of longer skills just in case I wasn’t able to pay as much attention to Eve as I should.

After reading the comments to the Zero Punctuation, uh, review of Eve (thanks Wilhelm for linking it or I wouldn’t have seen it), regarding needing to have a goal in Eve (specifically, your own goal as the game wont really provide you with one), it it occurred to me that I was in that slightly flat spot in Eve where you are not exactly without a goal, but rather in pursuit of a goal that will take some time and is, as ZP would say, “boring, boring, boring, boring.”  I don’t necessarily agree, and quite frankly, I’m glad the Eve will reward me (or at least not penalize me) for not playing it.

Design flaw or product feature (as the old joke goes)?  For an old man with a real life, I say product feature.

I’m currently in pursuit of two related goals– getting my miner Hulk qualified and getting my mission runner/hauler Itty V skilled.  Both of which will take some time (around 30 days) to complete the level V skill training necessary.  Astrogeology V and Mining Barge V for the miner and Gallente Industrial V for the hauler.  So I’m about a month off for both of those to complete.

The Hulk is the gateway to all good things that require massive amounts of ISK, including a battleship, etc. so the immediate task is get skilled for the Hulk and knock down enough ISK in the intervening period to afford it and the required fittings.  Sticking with Eve requires a certain amount of discipline because time is just not negotiable.

So, eager as I am to progress, I wait.  With anticipation.

WoW Wasteland

Our WoW group, on the other hand, still has any number of instances left to do since we have all hit 70.  Life at 70, however, is less than fulfilling.  Try as I may to be enthused about the “opportunity” to do dailies or BGs or whatever, I just can’t do it.

I logged on this weekend after our Saturday group session and it was all I could do to not pull my own head off when confronted with grinding dailies and other rep grinds.  The magic is gone gone gone.

On the WAR Path

Until now, I’ve managed to stay on the sidelines of the Warhammer discussion for a couple of good reasons– first, I didn’t get into the beta (not that I would necessarily have anything to say that hasn’t been said about a thousand times), and second, I’m not genetically coded to view it as the Next Big Thing ™.

Not that I’m not intrigued, I am, but I just haven’t been swept away by the hype machine which, next to Conan, has been the most offputting PR campaign I’ve experienced in a while.  To be fair, SINCE Conan has come out (and it was revealed to have feet of clay), the EA/Mythic hype machine seems to have become more tempered, more realistic and maybe attempting to bring expectations in for a soft landing.

Marc Jacobs comments regarding the problems with the preview weekend gained him some substantial credibility points in my book.  Now that the shouting has stopped, I’m able to actually listen.  Amazing how that happens.

So, with the pre-order enabled Open Beta for WAR just a few days away, I find myself in the unenviable position of not having a pre-order box in hand.  Mrs. P and I found ourselves at Fry’s this last weekend and alas, no pre-order boxes left!

That bodes well for launch I suspect, but I’m still left without an Open Beta option.  I suppose I could go digital download, but they always seem to fuck things up somehow.  I’m open to recommendations.  I’ve had bad experiences with Amazon in the past and have little faith in others, but what the hey.

Ultimately, I find myself actually looking forward to yet another launch of another virtual world that offers the potential of something a little bit different.  As many have said, you play the game your friends play, so I’m hoping that after nearly four years in WoW with a great group of friends that WAR might offer a sufficiently compelling and different experience to get our group sucked in.

Absent WAR, there is nothing on the horizon (*cough*Lich King*cough*) that I’m waiting for.  Without building expectations too much, WAR, please bring back the magic at least for a while.

9 thoughts on “Anticipation”

  1. About the WAR thing, check out

    I’m also a little leery of ordering a game I’m planning to play at release from an online retailer having been burnt before with not getting the box and code shipped to me in time. But I figure with D2D, they won’t be mailing me anything, so that bypasses that potential cockup.

    I ordered my pre-order from them in time to get in the Open Preview Weekend and also in the Open Beta starting in a few days.

  2. Well, I was able to find a few pre-order boxes at Worst Buy off the beaten track stuffed back in a corner where the tiny smattering of PC games live, so I should be good to go at last.

    Of course, they were sitting there next to a lonely looking box for Sins of a Solar Empire too…

  3. You could have preordered online, and had them put the box at a participating store. There were several–don’t recall if Fry’s was one of them.

    Missed you in EVE! I think my Hulk queue is closer to 40 days–almost 20 each for Astrogeology V and Barge V.

  4. @Gaff: that approach would have required forethought, planning and execution, all of have been in rather short supply of late.

    I did a fair bit of tier 2 learning skill pimpage and then bought a few modest implants which played to the primary and secondary skills required for the level V skills.

    When I first built a plan in Eve Mon for the Hulk I think it was like 55 or 60 days, so merely a month is a vast improvement. And, with winter approaching (said the guy who’s experience 95-100F days right now and will until mid November…) it should leave me in a good place for those wonderful long gaming nights of winter.

    No guilt not being out in the rain…

    Are you gonna be in WAR OB this weekend? I didn’t CE, so I can’t get in until Sunday.

  5. Good thing Hulls are so cheap these days :). That good hauler alt with itty V and T2 expanders will help a lot. You’ll be surprised how much trit you acquire with that thing.

    About WAR, just wait till the official release so Open Beta doesn’t spoil any fun.

  6. If I can, why WAR, since that just another kill this to get xp bar to move further? How will WAR be any different (aside from diff scenery & diff environment) ( yes I think the public quests an Tome of Knowledge are cool) but when you max out wont it be just like WoW?


  7. I want to dabble in the WAR OB to see if I’m really interested in the game (or whether it will just be what Manasi is suggesting) and if so, then what faction/class(es) I might be interested in. Doing the OB means I can spend $10 instead of $100 (my wife and I both play) to find out whether to throw down or not.

    If the game is decently fun, my semi secret plan it to try to migrate our regular WoW group (the one Wilhelm blogs about on to WAR for a change of pace.

    A few of us are time constrained and a few of us would like to do some reasonably organized PvP. WAR offers the potential to scratch that itch in an RvR format. The fact that RvR has some limited in game consequences and can provide its own progression path are the two things that have largely kept us the WoW BGs.

    Back in the day, WoW PvP on a PvE server was actually fun even though it had no broader consequences (and you undertook it at the expense of progressing your character). By back in the day, I mean the 12 hour Alterac Valley days before they became 5 minute zerg grind matches for welfare epics.

    No guarantee that wont happen in WAR, but I’d like to see if it will be a different experience. For us at least, the game is the journey not necessarily the destination and more specifically the journey is much more fun with a regular group of friends. It would be fun to do that in a way that has us “chasing the red name” in addition to/in lieu of kill ten foozles.

  8. I didn’t buy the CE either. I cannot even patch the installed game at the moment. I may be in Sunday if it will patch and I remember it is open.

  9. Likewise, got installed, but unable to patch as of last night. Hopefully they’ll let us patch before Sunday to avoid the rush. Send an IM as to what server you’re going to be on.

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