Proof that Eve is Short for Evil

So there I am, minding my own business…

I just hopped on to check skill training and the market.  Just a few minutes before bed…  Joy, all my kernite sold.

Oh, what the heck, I’ll pick up a few backfill skill books so I can train the short ones when I’m on.  What to get, what to get.  Well, I needed Mining Upgrades for the MLU, then I was thinking about how I’m a bit light in CPU on the Osprey, so maybe a co-processor would help and that needed Electronics Upgrades… and then I wanted to try Scott’s suggestion to get Social going for better access to missions, etc.

Long story short, not a 15 minute session.  And then after all that, I return to base and find that now I can fit my MLU and the last Miner II (I had two IIs and one I until now) on my Osprey.  Well, I’ve got to see how it improved my yield per cycle.

I hop out to a nearby belt and what do I see:

Sweet Jeebus.  And it was my bedtime…  At least my mining output increased from 266 units per cycle to 315.  18% increase per cycle.  Not a bad pop indeed.

Now if I only had time to get through all those roids…

12 thoughts on “Proof that Eve is Short for Evil”

  1. An Osprey would have taken its sweet time on all those roids. That is a crazy amount though, belt must have just spawned.

  2. Make friends with level 4 mission runners. There’s a multi-part mission and the first part has 16xKernite, 16xOmber, and 18xScordite ‘roids in the mission deadspace. I pulled that one yesterday and advertised in corp chat for the free ore as I just wanted to mine just a bit of Kernite for myself. Sadly, I got no takers and had to complete the mission and despawn all those lovely ‘roids after I mined out my Kernite.

  3. @JoBildo: You will one day young one.

    @Ryan: I’ll shoot you a mail to Marakhan in game. ;)

    @WN: Good tip. I think that’s the one Wilhelm was trying to get me to tag along with or a similar one.

  4. It is actually the first pocket of the second mission of a two-parter that is available as both level 3 and 4. The initial mission is called “The Rogue Slave Trader.”

    I lucked out last Sunday and actually had time to cart off all 400K units of Omber as well as a good chunk of the Veldspar. (I always need tritanium.) It is nice to have a Hulk on call.

    @JoBildo: It seems to be a zen thing… you must first sufficiently not get EVE before you can then come around and get EVE. A number of people I know, including myself, have played, gone away, then come back only to then start to get a claw hold on the game.

  5. Wilhelm,

    I was referring to the first part of Lv4 Enemies Abound. I really hated having to despawn all those lovely Kernite ‘roids but I would’ve had a heck of a time mining them all out with my Osprey. Maybe I’ll fit out a Rokh for future mining ops as soon as Caldari BS trains to 3 later today.

  6. @WN, Ah, I have not seen that mission. I just saw the omber part and P@tsh@t’s comment and my mind made the leap to the mission I just did.

    I’ll have to keep my eyes open for Enemies Abound now that I just hit level 4 missions with a new faction.

  7. I swear it’s only us miners that have a specific tab called rocks that shows all asteroids in the local grid. We use it when we mission just to check if it might be a good mission to leave on for a week.

    If you really want to cry CK, go find a Sancha Minor Annex and managed to get to the second room. Then check roids there. You will cry when you realize you have no idea what will cause the de-spawn of the hidden site and that you’ll need a full blown op to even have a chance at getting out all the rocks before downtime.

    Finding that out as my 2nd Cyclone was going down in flames was truly heartbreaking. (bring a really good tank and some logistics when you tackle that 2nd room). Yes there are scrambling frigates in there.

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