Eve is Go (Again)

Well, I answered the call of my dark master yet again.  I succumbed to the call and reupped both of my Eve Online accounts in a moment of weakness.  Okay, maybe it was just boredom.  Eve is one of those games where thinking about playing is almost better than actually playing.  And thinking about playing is not something I’ve been doing a great deal of lately.

I logged in to find that our corp HQ had moved 15 jumps away, so immediately I decided to haul ass literally out to the new digs.  15 jumps isn’t really that bad.  Besides, I needed to spend some time figuring out how to play again anyway.

I eventually got there and managed to get both of my characters out to do a quick bit of mining.  Wilhelm, our intrepid CEO, pointed me at a nearby system that offered reasonably high security and reasonably amounts of Kernite.  Perfect for my tag team Osprey and Hoarder to get their lasers wet again.

I two box on one system running two separate sessions (two accounts) which tends to keep the sessions a bit more “active” than just one session.  Missions I run one at a time.  Poorly.

Eve, god love it, tends to take some time.  Time to skill up, time to travel, time to play the market, time to research just what the hell you might want to do in the game.  Fortunately, much of that time isn’t really in the cockpit looking through the cross hairs.  Much of it is well, technically doing nothing.  Not nothing, but lets say, being less hands on than say a first person shooter.

So in an experiment to see if I could leverage my personal time (and the technological flexibility of Eve), I decided to install Eve on my pathetic work laptop with a view to basically sitting around with Mrs. P, enjoying pleasant conversation, HD cable and still getting something done in Eve.

To my surprise, I actually can run two windowed sessions (classic version) on my wimpy laptop even though I think the trackpad was invented by the devil.  Still, as an initial excursion, I got some skill training queued up and actually got off station to do some kernite mining.

To my surprise, not a single rat showed up as I packed the Hoarder full of kernite.  So, I hauled ore back to base and realized that my Minmatar hauling character had completed enough training to get a Mammoth.  So, a decent price being had only one jump away, I pulled the trigger and picked it up.  I still need to fully fit it out, but I transferred all the fittings off the Hoarder and took it back to base.

Now, apparently I need to pick up a Drake or two to shut Gaff up!

5 thoughts on “Eve is Go (Again)”

  1. Ah EVE lures another back. Seems to be the latest blog circle trend.

    I’m Syncaine and Zealot Syn in game, in Amarr space, shoot me a mail. I have Wilhelm on my contacts list already, maybe we can set something up one day (a tough lvl 4 mission perhaps)

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