LotRO Weekend Fun

19 May

Had of a lot of RL projects going on of late, so with Age of Conan Beta rolling the last week or so, my LotRO progress took a back seat. Seems I have about room for two MMOs in my life at any given time, and that’s still not devoting a lot of time to either.

So having decided to pass on Conan, that left me free to return to LotRO when not occupied with our static WoW group. The contrast in returning to LotRO after Conan was a bit jarring. There are the obvious things like the setting, but the pace in LotRO is different. I noticed some of the not-quite-seamless animations again which I had gotten used to and a few other things that Conan did well. I also reconfirmed that LotRO’s big seamless open world feels vastly superior to Conan’s world in an instance box. Bartle explorer FTW.

The avowed goal was to get Wilifred my hobbit mistrel to level 25 so he could take advantage of the Founder’s horse, or in his case, pony which makes travel much less painful. Still slower than a real mount, but much better than walking.

Wilifred had completed most of the Lone Lands quests and shifted to the North Downs. Running through the Trestlebridge and Amon Raith solo quests with a visit to Othrikar pretty much got him there.

There were a few incidents Friday night where for SOME reason he seemed to be doing quite poorly against at-level or even slightly lower level mobs. Turns out that at some point while screwing around with the appearance tab, I managed to de-equip his shield. Now, granted, as a minstrel (with the appropriate trait slotted) he can wear only medium armor and normal-not-heavy shield, but that shield makes a pretty big difference when you’re soloing.

I took the opportunity to have my Captain tailor do up some sturdy leather gear to help with mitigation and when coupled with the restored shield, problem solved. He still can’t take on too many at level mobs, but generally an at-level two mob pull with fear kiting will get him through.

I need to work on “stance dancing” with the minstrel while soloing. Most of the time he’s in “War Speech” mode which is basically an enhanced damage/reduced healing state. Good for DPS, but a 50% penalty on healing. The time to remember that is NOT when you have two mobs resisting fear and less than 25% health.

All in all a reasonably productive weekend. Wilifred got almost 2 full levels in about 3 hours of play and with the rested XP bonus end in sight, I decided to switch to my dwarf Guardian who was sitting at level 29 in the North Downs as well.

After a long day in the sun (early heatwave), I only managed to put about 1 1/2 hours in on him, but managed to get about 75% of a level. I was hoping to get him to 30 to see what the Guardian class quest was like.

A short while back, my Captain passed 30 and the class quest was fairly trivial (unless precision jumping is not your forte). I’m curious what they might throw at the guardian.

Group quests are starting to pile up again on my various alts– all but one of which are sitting between 25-31. Going to have to start pestering Gaff and Wilhelm to start rolling through the backlog of epic quests pretty soon.

Otherwise, a very enjoyable Conan–free weekend, though I hear the early access launch went fairly well. Go them. Still sitting on the sidelines, but might be convinced to try it again in a few months after the next Warhammer delay is announced….;)

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