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19 Mar

Just in case he’s unaware, there are some of us forced to read Tobold’s blog:


“Please! Not one more Warrior POST!! I…. can’t…. take…. it…..” Who am I kidding. That’s some of the best stuff! ;)

Peeps (not Peeps(tm)) often confuse freedom of association, freedom of the press and freedom of speech. A newspaper editor friend of mine once said in response to the same kind of angry ranty you-must-publish-me/this/anti-this letter to the editor: “You want freedom of speech? Go give a speech. You want freedom of the press? Go buy a press.”

Tobold, your blog, your rules. That also means that you can rant about people who don’t get that too. However, since I AM forced to read your blog (see above), I’d like to see a little more effort on your part when you’re on holiday and not just “here’s-two-paragraphs-from-an-internet-cafe-now-back-to-the-beach” either. ;)


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2 responses to “Blog Rules

  1. Wilhelm2451

    March 19, 2008 at 4:58 pm

    I’ve come to accept the fact that you are pro Tobold, whether you admit it or not.

    (OMFG, the grainy look of that frame grab only gives that scene from CWO a greater sense of horror in my mind. Aiyee!)

    Freedom of speech does not include any requirement that somebody else provide or pay for a platform from which to voice your opinion.

    Was you editor friend thinking of “freedom of peach?” My local grocer is totally against that.

  2. p@tsh@t

    March 19, 2008 at 10:22 pm

    That would be the delicious Georgia S-peach which you should try if you are ever in Atlanta. :P Fixed… That’s what happens when you post from work while on a conference call…


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