Ding! 60

And there was much rejoicing.


Nodens finally dinged 60 in Zeth’Gor.  Of course 60 means almost nothing now, but for us old schoolers, a cap is a cap, even if its an old cap.  Nodens joins the hallowed pantheon of my three other 60+ characters.  Time does not equal difficulty, but still its hard to look Methusalah in the eye and say time is not something at least.

I see an epic mount in my near future of what kind I’m not sure.  Perhaps the dull boring kind and pushing on to 70 before WotLK hits.  Another change will be the much flatter leveling curve.  I suspect I wont match the pace of 17 levels in 6 weeks again.  Not that thats such an exceptional pace.  It isn’t but its seemed blistering for a casual carebear alt.


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