Over the Top and Into a New World

17 Mar

Finally managed to get my hunter alt over the hump and ding level 58 this weekend. Here’s the magic moment in Ironforge turning in Arcane Runes to Tymor. My goal has been to get Nodens into Outlands to hook up with some friends’ alts. With nothing on the gaming radar now but the WoW instance group, an alt to explore Outlands is my new project.


The final run to 58 was a bit of a schizophrenic affair. I was being a bit of a min/maxer (in my own casual, carebear, keep me entertained sort of way) and having done the run toward 60 with a few other characters, I was consciously trying to avoid quests that required a lot of ping pong transcontinental travel or chasing the dreaded low drop rate needed quest item. I succeeded only marginally.

I spent a fair amount of time in EPL and WPL as well as Winterspring. Interestingly, managed to completely avoid Blasted Lands (other than some of the earlier Sharpbeak related quests). I did pick up the Arcane Runes quest at some point which was green to me at L57. Being only about 5 chiclets short of dinging 58, I thought I’d go ahead and clean up the old quest log by clearing some of these easy quests.

I remembered Arcane Runes from another alt, though I don’t recall doing it more than once even though I’ve had about a 1/2 dozen characters on various servers that could have picked it up. Basically, it involves traveling to the Ruins of Eldarath in Azshara and taking rubbings of some magical pillars found around the temple of Zin-Malor. Given the level of mobs in the area, this is completely trivial at level 57.

The quest text tells you to collect the rubbings and then head to an island off the southern tip of Azshara and signal to Xiggs Fuselighter to airlift them out. Its a bit of a trip to get down the coast to the wee island as you can see.


Despite the travel, I thought, what the heck, I’ll travel all the way to Azshara, do this easy quest and one or two other lowbie quests I still had in the area. Easy XP. Once the travel was done, risk free XP. I had it in my mind that once I got to the island I would get evac’ed to IF along with the quest items. As it would turn out, I was misremembering.

As I said before, I didn’t recall when I picked up the quest, but it had been in my log a while. So, I traveled to Azshara, got the rubbings, picked up a book in the temple for another quest which was a turn in out in the plaguelands somewhere and headed for the island.


Landing lights on, check. Landing platform, check. Yup, this is the place. Now, just to signal Xiggs, turn in a quest or two and voila, off to Outlands.

I got to the island and no Xiggs. Ok, i need to signal him. Ok, I have nothing with which to signal him. Uh oh. A quick search of teh intrawebs and it was revealed that after Tymor gives you the quest in IF, he gives a separate quest to go talk to Xiggs over in the Military District. Did I mention that it was quite a while that I had this in my log? There he gives you a flare gun to signal him. Bag check. No flare gun. Oops.

Gonna be one of those nights…

Now I remembered why I didn’t do this with other alts. I seem to recall a hazy memory of trying to get everyone in a group long ago to complete this quest and various folks having missed the Xiggs/flare gun portion requiring lots of hearthstoning and cross zone traveling (no warlocks FTL:\ ) and general frustration. As one of the comments said, the time to figure out that you forgot the flare gun is NOT when you’re at the island. /agree.

A quick read through the Thotbott comments reveals that I’m not the first to have missed this little detail. Now, had I not JUST hearthstoned back to IF from WPL a few minutes before, it would have been inconvenient to go back and then do the return boat/bird/run/swim. As it turned out, it was only a few minutes faster than waiting for the cooldown to do the reverse travel the hard way and then travel all the way back to the damned island.

Still, at this point, it had become personal and at some point the time invested demands that you seek vindication for your efforts, so back to Azshara I went. Flare gun in hand, I signaled and Xiggs dutifully arrived in his aeroplane.


Of course, here is where I learned of my other misrememberance: Xiggs picks up the rubbings, not you. Double oops. Didn’t I just do that travel twice a few minutes ago (three times if you count the original journey)?

/snip omitting expletives and rant /snip

Cut to screen shot of Nodens dinging 58 as he finally turns in the quest in IF.

Only one more place to go for the night:


See you on the other side.


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3 responses to “Over the Top and Into a New World

  1. oakstout

    March 18, 2008 at 6:56 am

    There is a excellent mod that someone just let me know about called “Quest Helper”. It helps to do all the quests in a specific area, but laying out the pattern of the quests on your main game map. It also has arrows in the mini map that lets head straight to areas for hunting down quest items and turn ins, etc.
    It does clutter the game map to some degree, but I’m sure there is a setting to turn some of it off, but I keep it all on. Its a great add on. If your party has the mod as well, it will put there information up on the map also, even if they aren’t shared quests. So if you helping level a lowbie friend, it helps let you guild him around, with out having to say “What quest you got next?” every 5 minutes.

  2. oakstout

    March 18, 2008 at 6:59 am

    Oh and gratz on the ding too. Forgot to add that. lol

  3. p@tsh@t

    March 18, 2008 at 8:53 am

    Great suggestion. Wilhelm the Ancient Gaming Noob has been running QH in our instance group since on our “off night” from instances we usually group up and do random quests. It does really help focus our collective efforts when we only have a short block of time for group play.

    I didn’t know about the sharing aspect though. Several of us have alts of varying levels and its always nice to group up and help them out, having already completed the quest it is time consuming to keep asking for quest details.

    I tend to enjoy the journey more than the destination, so I’m not sure I would run with it on 100% of the time, but I think I’ll check it out.

    Thanks for the tip!


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