57 Down, One to Go

10 Mar


Woot!  Level 57 outside the service entrance to Strat.  Got off the PvP horse for a bit now that my blue bar was back so I could keep making progress on my avowed goal to get Nodens to the Outlands so he can hook up with some friends’ alts.

After my streak to Winterspring, I hadn’t been back, so there were a wealth of quests to be had at Everlook and Starfall Village (not to mention random discovery XP for roaming the zone).  Several sent me back to Eastern Plaguelands for the turn-ins, so I ended the evening there a few kills short of 57, so I went in search of a level and some slabs of carrion meat and ended up with the screen shot above.

Winterspring was kind and a bit of a decent departure from the now too familiar fare in EPL and WPL.  I took the opportunity to pick up a nice new owl pet (Pueo) also for a change of pace.  I always remembered that the bird pets seemed too fragile in days long gone by.  To my surprise, the owl seems to be able to hold his own tanking at least 2 at level mobs while dishing out decent damage.

In quest of Frostmaul shards for the Luck Be With You group quest (solo, of course), I had the opportunity to perfect my kiting technique.  While you can find nodes with the shards, several are guarded by level 60 or 61 elite giants.  I managed to take out several by kiting them along the road back to Everlook (aspect of the pack and serpent sting FTW!).

With that, I’ve only got about 1/2 a bar of blue bar left, so I may return to Alterac Valley for a day or two before the push to 58.

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