More Streaking to Winterspring

04 Mar

For some reason, a random post I wrote some time ago about getting the flightpath in Winterspring continues to be popular on the site. It always seems to be in the stats box of what people clicked on or represented some way in the search terms box (like here).

To date, the post has more than 1400 hits. There always seem to be a few hits.

As I’ve said before, it seems that simple, useful information is much more popular than high minded theory crafting.

So be it. So it occurred to me that as I was leveling my hunter through the mid-fifties in Felwood that it was time yet again to get another character to Winterspring. This time a hunter rather than a priest but at level 54 rather than 44. And no, my perspective on reputation grind hasn’t changed, so I’m bypassing the entire furbolg thing again.

Tele-Mort to Moonglade

First off, I haven’t picked up the flight path to Moonglade yet, but I’m not too worried about that. If the lunar festival is on, you can use that to get a free trip to Moonglade, otherwise the “tele-mort” method I’ve used in the past seems to work fine.

I didn’t get around to doing the lunar festival thing, so I’ll tele-mort again when I have the need. To recap the tele-mort method, get to Auberdine in Darkshore and then continue north along the coast line until you see on the radar map (and announced in the regular window like usual) that you are in Moonglade’s territory.

If you check out this zone map, you may notice that just north of the Ruins of Mathystra, the zone tapers down and meets the ocean just north of a subregion called Mist’s Edge. Just north of that area the zone of Moonglade extends all the way to the sea.

Swim down in the water until your breath bar appears (making sure you still stay in the Moonglade zone) and drown. You’ll appear at the graveyard in Moonglade. Use the angel to ressurect and voila. Go get the flight path.

Streak the Furbolg

This time, I had worked my way up through Felwood, so I had the flightpath at Talonbranch Glade (alliance). Its a short trot up the path to the tunnel through Timbermaw Hold.

For my hunter Nodens, I only had a health pot and a few Big Iron Bombs as far as tricks up my sleeve. With my aspect of the pack on and pet out on passive, I followed one of the walkers as far as possible into the tunnel before unavoidably aggroing him. When he aggroed, the dash began. The path from Felwood through the tunnel is basically straight ahead, so no chances of wrong turns.

I quickly picked up 2 or 3 additional Furbolgs and decided I’d try to get my pet to taunt them off me. The Furbolg’s stun slows you down, starting what is usually a descending cascade to death. By putting my pet on various targets, he was able to grab their aggro, freeing me to keep running a bit more. Still about 1/3 of the way through, it wasn’t looking too good.

With my health failing, I found a decently empty spot and feigned death. The Furbolgs finished up my pet and I let my heath comeback up while feigned. Seeing an opening, I popped back up and rezzed my pet ready for another lather rinse repeat cycle waiting as long as possible before starting the dash again to make sure my feign death was off cooldown.

Two more dashes with about the same results and I was greeted by the blinding snows of Winterspring. The second rez was a bit tight and I only just made it to the end of the tunnel as feign came off cooldown.

A quick snack, rez the pet and off to Everlook for the FP. FD FTW.

By comparison, I was surprised at how much more difficult this was with a hunter than with a squishy priest even when I did it with the priest 10 levels earlier. FD made a reasonably ok substitute for Power Word: Shield, but unlike bubbling up, you really need to be aware of where you want to use it or you’ll get stuck in a bad place with no escape but the angel.

I haven’t tested it, but I’m fairly certain that dying at some point past the bridge over Meilosh would respawn you at the Winterspring graveyard rather than the Felwood one. But, lucky for me this time, I didn’t need to find out.

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